Guardian oped, Hamilton Nolan: Why are Democratic party elites so desperate for a 2020 centrist candidate?

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      I don’t know who Hamilton Nolan is, but he sounds like someone who is Someone or will be:

      When something has been done one way for many years, and when doing things that way has made a certain group of people fat and happy, it is natural that that group of people will want to continue doing things that way. It is also natural that the much larger group of people who have been hungry and neglected for all those years as a result of the way things have been done will want to do something different. Eventually, the larger group, full of righteous anger, will win. But the fat and happy class will cling tightly to what they have for as long as their swollen fingers can hold on. This is essentially what’s happening within the Democratic party right now. The weak grip of the old guard is being broken, one finger at a time.


      Oprah reportedly “begged Disney chief executive Bob Iger to jump into the race”. Hillary Clinton backers hint darkly that she might still jump in. For those who crave an even more decrepit candidate, Mike Bloomberg and John Kerry’s names have been floated. And then there are the also-ran candidates at the back of the current pack, who are eyed like meat by wealthy donors musing over whether they can be effective Trojan horses for Goldman Sachs. Is Mayor Pete clean-cut enough? Can Klobuchar knife Warren while maintaining a sweet midwestern grin? The desire for some alternative to leftism is so powerful that even Michael Bennet, a man with no demonstrated constituency and the charisma of a cardboard box, is still lurching along, serving no purpose except to pipe up in off-hour cable interviews about how impractical Medicare for All is.

      To some extent, this is a normal campaign season ritual: chasing the dragon of the imaginary perfect candidate. But this time, it is not hard to see that the motivation is more materialist than usual. The core concern of those who consider themselves “moderate Democrats” is not really that Trump might win – it is that Warren or Sanders might win. This is a political faction that finds itself caught between its aesthetic distaste for Trump’s social policies and its distaste for wealth taxes, public healthcare, and other policies contrary to their ambition to afford that lake house.

      For decades, the Democratic party has been effectively controlled by the sort of people who work at an investment bank but also support gay marriage (at least when the polls say that it’s safe to do so). These people are almost as responsible as Republicans for our current political predicament. Even if they didn’t start the war on terror or the war on the poor, they utterly failed to stop them. The time has come to pay up for those mistakes. The price will be a large chunk of the fortunes that have been built over the past two generations. Those who view socialism as an awful fate are searching in every phone booth for a capitalist Superman to renew the tastefulness of the White House while also calming down the unnerving calls for the sort of equality that can cost a lot of money.

      Sadly for them, superheroes don’t exist. There aren’t that many rich people out there. The only way they can maintain their political power is to buy it. They are now experiencing the shocking realization that, in an era of righteous popular rage, big money ain’t what it used to be. Let’s respect their trauma during this difficult transition. We can tolerate their antics for a little while. And then they can suck it up, make peace with the leftists, and pay more taxes, like responsible humans. Or they can take the mask off and vote for Trump. Either way, their disappointing time atop the Democratic party is over.

      The opinions and personal views expressed herein are solely those of the author, and should never be taken seriously.

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      As the article notes, it is all about money and maintaining their status . No different than the average Republican in DC.

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      Their time isn’t over yet.They still control the DNC with an iron fist,and when the current ones at the top of the heap retire,younger versions of the same old stuff,like Buttigieg,will be there to replace them.

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      I agree. They’re finished and we’re watching their last grasps to hold onto their gravy train by floating Hillary McCarthy and John Kerry. Two losers who have zero chance of winning the nomination unless they steal it for them.

      They do have their saving grace in their back pocket though…their corrupt SuperDelegates.

      However, I don’t think they can overcome this Revolution in the first round of voting at the convention. It’s too big. They underestimated Bernie’s organizing. BIG MISTAKE. Bad for their multi million dollar off-shore bank accounts, but a GREAT new future for us.

      The ONLY way they retain power is by election fraud AGAIN. And I don’t think Bernie’s in the mood to sit down and take their bullshit election fraud again.

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      If Hillary had as much power as she thought, she would not have gotten pushback from such people as Beto O’Rourke and CNN for smearing Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian operative. Not only that, but Tulsi gained 4 points in New Hampshire in a week. Sorry, fans of the Hillary/Deep State cabal, but they really are seeing their power slip away for the simple reason that most people don’t believe them anymore.

      The corrupt, neoliberal elite controlling the Democratic Party sees clearly that Biden is fading, again, and will lose in both Iowa and New Hampshire, which dooms him in South Carolina no matter what the polls say now. This has happened before, are recently as 2008 in Democratic primary and 2016 in the Republican one. Both times, the candidate who was seen as more populist won.

      If they rig the primary again, it will be so obvious that it will make a violent revolution inevitable. There will be blood, and some of it will be theirs. I think their best shot is to prop Warren up in the hope that she can be bought off. And if that is successful, there will still be blood, some of it theirs, but that might be delayed by a few years.

      They need to read their Edmund Burke. Bernie is the compromise candidate; they’re just too stupid and greedy to know it.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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      The oligarchy has spent a whole lot of time, money, and energy since the 1980’s at converting the Democratic party into a useless, destructive, but socially somewhat kinder, version of the Republican party, in order to ensure that only wealthy private interests would have primary to full control of the government, media, and electoral processes.

      Like Republicans, they foster and promote government exclusively of, by, and for, wealthy private interests, and will stop at nothing in order to prevent democracy, social justice, economic justice, and equality from taking root in the US.

      They are desperate now, as they see we the people waking up to their planet killing, life destroying Machiavellian schemes to save their plutocratic oligarchy.

      This is why Democratic party elites are so desperate for a 2020 right center candidate, and that is why every faction of the left must unite behind Bernie in order to defeat the plutocrat puppet Third Way New Democrat in the Democratic primary in the mother of all electoral landslides, and then defeat Trump in the GE.

      We need to take all them down, and stop all their destructive greed driven bullshit once and for all, by uniting and quarantining all of them from elected office, for-fucking-ever, with the power of our votes.

      Bernie/Tulsi 2020

      “A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” ~ Booker T. Washington

      The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “anti-Fascist.” Either you are a decent human being with a conscience, or you are a fascist.
      ~ Unknown

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