Guatemala: Generals Face Trial for Indigenous Massacres

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      On Monday, after nearly two years of investigations, Guatemalan High-Risk Court Judge Miguel Galvez decided to send to trial former Guatemalan generals Benedicto Lucas and Manuel Callejas for the massacre and violation of the human rights of over 1,700 Ixil Mayan Indigenous people between 1978 and 1982, during the civil war.

      “We celebrate Galvez’s resolution, which approaches the horizon of memory and struggle for the dignity of the victims,” Human Rights Office of the Archdiocese of Santiago de Guatemala (ODHAG) stated as a complementary prosecutor in the case, which comprises forced displacement, rape, torture, and murder of the Indigenous peoples.

      To support this resolution, the Court used about 200 testimonies, 148 forensic anthropology expert’s reports, 12 scientific expert’s reports, and 70 military, historical, and newspaper documents, which ODHAG presented to prove the implication of the ex-generals in such crimes.

      ODHAG also urged Galvez to reject the impunity resolutions presented by Lucas and Callejas’ lawyers to obtain amnesty for their clients. “The Court must act with the highest standards of impartiality to respond to the rights of the victims and guarantee justice throughout the process,” it affirmed.

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      was his own brother, the auxiliary archbishop

      grimly, they praised Rios Montt for ending the Lucas Garcia massacres (which the WH was funding), and then Mejia Victores for ending Rios Montt’s massacres (100,000 in 18 months, while Reagan complained he was getting a “bum rap” from press unwittingly acting as tentacles of the global Communist conspiracy)

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