Guess Who’s Rallying for Medicare for All? Senior Citizens

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    “Clinicians are suffering from the disconnect between what they went into their professions to do for people, and what they can do,” Scheetz says. “It breaks your heart to have to tell somebody their insurance won’t pay for what [they] need.”

    Single-payer healthcare would be valuable for everyone, including seniors, says Thomas Wilson, 68, board president of the Illinois Single-Payer Coalition, another member group. Medicare, in its current state, is not perfect—out-of-pocket expenses are high and not all medicines and procedures are covered, leaving those who can afford it to navigate a confusing marketplace of supplemental insurance, which still may not cover everything.

    Medicare for All legislation—sponsored by Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-7) in the House and Bernie Sanders in the Senate—would establish a government-sponsored healthcare system that abolishes private medical insurance and makes care free at the point of service. For current Medicare recipients, this new single-payer system would eliminate out-of-pocket expenses and fill the coverage gaps, Wilson says.

    About half of the 232 Democrats in the House have co-sponsored the bill, including five of Chicago’s eight Congress members. Chicago’s exceptions are Quigley and Reps. Dan Lipinski and Raja Krishnamoorthi, all facing Medicare for All supporters in Illinois’ March 17 Democratic primary.

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    Most of us can remember or heard first hand about various illnesses that now have vaccines. Mumps, polio, Spanish flu (heard about it on memorial day when we visited the graves of our families), HIV, and other diseases that are infectious. And we remember social distancing being the only means of preventing the spread.

    To most of us it is obvious that having millions of people in our communities who cannot see a doctor because they do not have health insurance is not safe.

    Plus most of us have experienced the for profit insurance companies rationing healthcare.

    It takes us a while but we are not stupid.


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