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      Interesting little website. I’m actually somewhat surprised — the numbers are worse than I thought, and I had already thought they were bad.

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      but nobody who can do anything about it – like those who make the laws and regulations – care.

      And it won’t change until the constitution changes, and that’s not likely to happen.

      We’ve gotten to the point that children go to school with Kevlar – and still nobody cares.

      I look at my local news – and see regular shootings and murders. It’s just the new normal.

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      murders 2022 -7493  2019-14,389

      suicides 2022 –  9,438  2019 –  23,941

      2022 figures CDC (suicide) “source verified” (homicide) 2019 figures (? but look consistent with international figures)  Archive numbers sound unbelievably low, possibly overcautious.

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