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      President Obama wanted a national cybersecurity preparedness plan for the upcoming election, and Ferrante was put in charge of creating it. He and his team spent months researching every detail of American elections and running different scenarios. What if a million people showed up to vote in Florida only to be told there was no record of them as a voter? What if a cyberattack took down the division of the Associated Press that supplies election-night reporting data to major news organizations like CNN? What if the internet crashed on Election Day?

      That last scenario felt a lot less hypothetical on October 21st as Ferrante scrambled to figure out why the huge swaths of the internet were dark. He called his counterparts at the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, and National Security Agency; they were just as confused as he was. By midday the outage was international news, spreading from the East Coast to the West. It was only after the third wave of attacks, Ferrante says, that the FBI made contact with an internet-domain company in New Hampshire called Dyn. The company eventually shored up its servers that day, and the internet was restored.

      Ferrante and his team had by that point conducted perhaps the most exhaustive study of the potential threats to our convoluted voting system. There were the cyberthreats they had envisioned and prepared for: hacked voter registration databases, disruptions to the flow of information on election night, faulty voter equipment. By Election Day, these threats weren’t all speculative: Two teams of Russian hackers, known as Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, had broken into the Democratic National Committee and stolen reams of data. The Dyn attack, resulting from a massive botnet that exploited flaws in internet-connected gadgets and appliances such as home security cameras and WiFi routers, showed it was possible to wreak havoc on the internet itself. (To this day, the culprit of that attack remains unknown. The FBI hasn’t announced any arrests and won’t comment on its investigation.)

      For Election Day, Ferrante created the first-ever cybercommand post in the White House Situation Room. From six in the morning until the election was called for Donald Trump, he and his colleagues monitored the vote, but the day passed without incident. The sense of accomplishment he felt was outweighed by a sinking feeling over what he knew Russia had already done. By hacking the Democratic Party, spreading disinformation on social media, and compromising confidential voter data, it had proved to the rest of the world it was possible to successfully interfere in a U.S. election and come away largely unscathed.

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      Bullshit on Russia.  It is the DNC/Democratic Party hacking we need to guard against, followed by the GOP.  When the DNC can successfully get rid of 2 out of 3 votes for Bernie in Crooked California, the Russians do not need to do one damn thing.  IMO this is just the start of deflection and misdirection.

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        HUGE Plus One!


        I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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          Blue Meany
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          I’ve done a lot of reading on this, and I think there are multiple hackers, foreign and domestic.  I’ve yet seen an explanation for why Russia (according to the FBI) hacked the Arizona registration list just before the primary and, according to people on the ground, purged or changed the registration of almost exclusively Bernie supporters, so that they couldn’t vote.  The fact that Bernie’s AZ database was hacked shortly before the primary, according to social media postings by his staff at the time, seems like it must have been connected.   The pattern of registration alterations appears to have occurred in California, as well.  The FBI at the time released a notice that gave the name of a Russian ISP with servers in Europe and California as the source of the hack, but when the owner of the company offered to search the servers for evidence of which customer was behind the hack, the FBI never responded to the offer and, so far as I know, never searched the servers in California.

          There is a fair bit of statistical evidence that in many states there was tampering with vote counts in the larger districts, which suggests that this was done on voting machines, rather than tabulators.  This would indicate that the tampering was done locally but in many places, most likely as part of a large-scale scheme.   I doubt this could have been done by hacking, as most machines are not connected to the internet, at least most of the time, but could be not by the software companies and, on some machines, by individuals with a card to change the programming.

          There are a couple of things that ordinary citizens might be able to do mitigate the risk of fraud and to identify hacking and demand investigation of hacking.  One is to do citizen-run exit polls, which was done in one place in Arizona and a few in California, and which found significant variance with the counted votes.  Since the hacking we probably need to be most concerned are registration lists, and Bernie’s voter lists.  If we can get list of purged voters, we can contact them before the deadline for registration.  We can also subject the results to statistical tests to check the likelihood of errors and demand recounts where they are likely.

          Learning from 2016, this all has to be done in very visible ways with some sort of centralized web-site, that documents election anamolies, voter suppression, etc.   (Yes, there are instances of Dem voter suppression.  I followed the last primary very closely, using local news sites and social media, and I think Hillary pretty clearly won Illinois with voter suppression and fraud.  There was one voting site adjacent to a college, where they weren’t letting students vote even though it was the correct site; there another precinct that Bernie won that ran out of ballots early and got more only at the end of the day.  When they tried to open the precinct for late voting to allow those who had been unable to vote to return, the secretary of state, who was the chair of the Hillary campaign, shut it down.  And in Chicago, when the election board examined random machines, they found at least one with a substantial miscount in Hillary’s favor, but they refused to record it.  However, citizens caught it all on video.)   Finally, there needs to be someone who is a liaison with Bernie campaign.  In 2016, the statistical experts could never get the attention of the campaign to discuss what they had found and what the campaign was doing.




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            Wow!  Excellent!  Thank you for putting this together.  I think the DNC has geared up to do all of that again; or, rather, they never down-shifted from 2016.

            The thing that still sort of mystifies me is that, given the huge wide gaping gulf between Bernie and Hillary on issues, records, personal integrity – how did the DNC ever expect us all to just fall in line and support Hillary?  W T F.  If Hillary had won fair and square (bwahahaha!) I still would not have supported Hillary.  Because of her record, her stands on issues, and seeming lack of any personal integrity.  Like okay, Hillary enjoys war and killing.  She owns it.  Why would she expect those of us who are horrified by her record to support her?  Now, there is some contempt and hubris on the part of Hillary/DNC.  Also cracks me up when some folks babble drily on about rules and percentages and what-not – about elections where the cheating is pretty much in our faces.

            Your post – which, IMO, should be an OP on the greatest page – should be emailed to Bernie’s campaign.

            America is not a country, it's just a business. (Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly)

            Everything I post is just my opinion, and, honestly, I would love to be wrong.

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            The FBI at the time released a notice that gave the name of a Russian ISP with servers in Europe and California as the source of the hack, but when the owner of the company offered to search the servers for evidence of which customer was behind the hack, the FBI never responded to the offer and, so far as I know, never searched the servers in California.

            Beware of any reports of hacking that are tied to the Russian government because a Russian ISP was used.  Professional hackers, especially those working for state actors, have a plethora of tools to hide their identity and source IP address.  It’s inconceivable that a hacker working for the FSB or GRU would be so clumsy as to allow detection of their ISP.  Also, the Vault 7 releases revealed that the CIA (etc.) have a sophisticated tool that allows a hacker to disguise their activities with fingerprints that implicate other entities (e.g. a CIA hacker can look like an Israeli or North Korean hacker).  This sophisticated tool was stolen and released into the wild, so anybody could theoretically be using it to make their activities look like they originated from Russia.

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              Blue Meany
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              At the time, I assumed it was done by Hillary’s campaign but may have been outsourced to operatives in Russia, but I didn’t know about all the tools available for deception.  Why would anyone leave a trail to somewhere in the US?   I wish the Sanders campaign had been more open with what they knew and what happened, but they were probably concerned about security.

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            Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      Just more tired ass, rehashed  Russiagate BS pushed by Rolling Stone. If anyone is worried about election meddling look no further than the DNC , the Republican party, and their Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia voter machines owned and run by right wingers who hate anyone to the left of Hilltillary the Hun.

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      Electro-fraud machines continue to be an obvious risk, and there’s no goddamned good reason why they continue to exist at all, but the Kristopher K. Kobach racist voter suppression database eliminated more votes than any other single factor in 2016 (aside from Hillary’s stolen nomination causing half the voters not to bother showing up at all, of course).

      The Russians can’t hack the Diebold machines…. unless they dispatch KGB agents to each polling place to replace the memory cards, and that would be one HELL of a big job. But local partisan operatives would certainly have direct access to do so.

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