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      Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is lobbying his former colleagues to do more to study unidentified flying objects.

      “I personally don’t know if there exists little green men other places, I kind of doubt that, but I do believe that the information we have indicates we should do a lot more study,” the Nevada Democrat said. “We have hundreds and hundreds of people that have seen the same thing — something in the sky, it moves a certain way.”

      Reid said that also included sightings of vessels at sea.

      The topic of UFOs was on Reid’s mind Thursday because his interview with KNPR came just before he said he was scheduled to talk with an important senator about setting up a way for members of the military to support exploring suspicious sightings without facing retribution.



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      for UFOs. None of these projects offer the American people anything but more debt and taxes. The rich get richer on them but no one else.  One of the reasons FDR’s New Deal worked for so many years was because it actually offered the people something in return for their labor and taxes. Since raygun and B. Clinton and now Trump the 1% is the only winners in the game. Keep thinking – maybe you will actually think of something that works for the people.


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      ….tell your buddy Bigalow to show us some ‘REAL’ undeniable UFO footage of close encounters with pilots and civilians and we’ll shovel a ton of research cash his way……until then..

      FECK OFF!!

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      I think  that’s already a video game!  

      Życie to nie bajka......

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      Got to be an alien Fer sure!

      “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
      ~Samuel Clemens

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      Maybe try seeing the similarities between a Democratic corporate whore and a Republican corporate whore in order to better understand how it all relates to the funny poop going on in our seas and atmosphere.

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