Harvard's president tests positive for coronavirus

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    Judi Lynn
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    Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow said he and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus.

    “We started experiencing symptoms on Sunday—first coughs then fevers, chills, and muscle aches—and contacted our doctors on Monday. We were tested yesterday and just received the results a few minutes ago,” he said in a statement to the Harvard community.

    Bacow said he’s not sure how he and his wife contracted the virus, but said “far fewer people crossed our paths recently than is usually the case” as they both began working from home on March 14.

    “We will be taking the time we need to rest and recuperate during a two-week isolation at home,” he added. “I am blessed with a great team, and many of my colleagues will be taking on more responsibility over the next few weeks as Adele and I focus on just getting healthy.”


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    Ohio Barbarian
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    An unanticipated, ironic, and perhaps karmic event. The virus’ main vector for contagion is globalization.

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