Has anyone ever used Ownwell.com?

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      You give them your contact info, property address, and authorize them to represent you with the tax authority, they try to get your appraised value reduced, and they keep 25% of any tax savings.  If they don’t save you any money, there’s supposedly no charge.

      I feel doubtful for various reasons, not least of which being that I consider schools underfunded already; but I’d like to know more.

      Tried googling them but I’m finding almost nothing that’s not sponsored by them.

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      An old guy was complaining about how much they had raised the taxes on what he claims was mostly swamp land  We’re talking around 100 acres.  They argued back and forth for a short while.  Then the guy said “If I can’t afford the taxes I’ll give the land to the State!”  That changed the assessors mood and they then decided that one of  them would negotiate with the old guy in a different room.  The State pays no land, not sure about school, taxes.

      I got no satisfaction in my case.  A friend was also there and said look around, what do you see.  I didn’t know what he was getting at and he replied, almost everyone here has a two income household… and he was right.  We lived in a very rural community where some people knew everyone.  They were mostly picking on the ones that could most afford it.

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