Have you been / can / should you be tested for COVID-19?

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Have you been / can / should you be tested for COVID-19?

What is your testing status?

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  • I have been tested for COVID-19 and my results were positive
  • I have been tested for COVID-19 and my results were negative
  • I have some symptoms but haven't tried to be tested
  • I have some symptoms but haven't been tested due to test requirements
  • I have some symptoms but testing is not available
  • I don't have any symptoms but would like to be tested
  • I don't have any symptoms and don't think I need to be tested
  • Too fucking depressed to care if I have it, and too fucking scared to go into town and get tested
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      At the risk of TMI, since mid-January I’ve had labored breathing, first noticed by a friend on a walk, followed by headaches, dizziness etc. but never a fever.  It doesn’t go over well when playing French horn which I do recreationally.  This was before the first case in Oregon. Two months later, after multiple doctor visits, I still have the labored breathing and a cough.  I still can’t get tested as I haven’t had a fever and I’m not Prince Charles.  Now the lung function test is only available in mid-May, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that postponed.

      So – have you had a similar experience?

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      Hi jbnw,

      Unemployed for three years.  Can’t afford healthcare.  So could not get tested if I wanted to.  Life sucks.

      Welcome to America.


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        @thouartthat Right- we are a third-world country when it comes to that (and other items).  One of the recent bills is supposed to provide free testing – I wonder if it will happen this year, or if it will be able to test if you had it in the past.

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      NV Wino
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      twice. It was headed for bronchial or pulmonary infection, and although my doc gave me an antibiotic that kicked its ass, I’m feeling vulnerable. Not to mention I’m looking after an elderly friend who is not in good health, and I don’t want to infect her.

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      So Far From Heaven
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      Missing one critical choice though, jbnw.

      Too fucking depressed to care if I have it, and too fucking scared to go into town and get tested.

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      In early February I had what felt like a mild respiratory infection – cough, some congestion.  Then on February 20/21 it worsened drastically – body ache, chills (no fever), headache (I never get headaches), more intense coughing and congestion.  This subsided after two days, but the mild cough and congestion persisted for another 2-3 weeks.  Of note was that the mucus I was coughing up/blowing out my nose was really, really dark-colored – much more so than “normal” for respiratory infections.

      Not sure if it was COVID-19, but it could have been.  I haven’t been tested and at this point I’m OK with that – others need it more than I.  I’m pretty much self-quaratined (other than immediate family).

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        but I’m not an MD, and I know I’ve been reading how much symptoms may vary.  One reason I would like to know is to know if I may have put co-workers and community musicians at risk – but at this point it’s been so long ago they would have had it or not, and haven’t heard from of any cases, though I am in Washington County in Oregon which has a few cases (20) but community-acquired from unknown sources.  So – likely many more real but unidentified cases.  Seems like we only identify and count those requiring hospitalization.


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        yeah, black/reddish discharge seems unique to this newest disease

        also a lot of diseases can circulate before they’re known, they’re always pushing back the origin of HIV, finding new groups it was present in before it increased in # of cases until it was recognized as new and as a crisis in the 80s

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      expecting to be tested just as an anxiety reliever.   Tests are being reserved for those who are already seriously ill.   Anyone else who has symptoms and thinks they might have COVID-19 needs to wait 4 days at home first, unless they do have serious symptoms like trouble breathing, and then contact their physician.   It’s complete chaos here.   The nearest hospital to me was at 125% capacity as of yesterday.

      I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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      a little weird
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      Our governor (in Kentucky) has said that they don’t have the capacity to do widespread testing here – lacking in test kits, lab capacity, PPE, and even the swabs needed to perform the test.  So currently the testing is only carried out if the person has the symptoms of Covid19 and the outcome of the test would change their potential treatment.  So if you have all the symptoms of the virus but you’re doing well they will probably tell you to rest, drink fluids, and self-quarantine but will not test you.

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      I’m just sneezing, occasionally, like every year when pollen starts flying.

      My preparation, prophylaxis and treatment for the common cold that I get every other year (not sure if I ever had the flu) mostly consists of consuming heavy doses of vitamins:

      (I much prefer real lemons, lots of them, and Tequila or sometimes Campari Bitter, which actually does taste pretty good).

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      Laughed so hard I started coughing 🙂 . Sharing with my work!!

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