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  • Chop Chop (271 posts)
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    Hawaii goes on RED ALERT for 'major eruption' of Kilauea volcano

    Hawaii goes on RED ALERT for ‘major eruption’ of Kilauea volcano as huge ash plume billows 12,000 FEET into the sky with the USGS warning of an ‘explosive and imminent’ event sparking preparations for mass evacuations

    PUBLISHED: 21:57 EDT, 15 May 2018 | UPDATED: 23:43 EDT, 15 May 2018

    Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano could have a major devastating eruption at ‘any time’, the US Geographical Survey has said.

    The volcano has been erupting for 10 days, and more than 2000 residents have already been evacuated.

    ‘At any time, activity may become more explosive, increasing the intensity of ash production and producing ballistic projectiles near the vent,’ the USGS said on Tuesday afternoon.

    The USGS also raised the volcano alert level at Hawaii’s Kilauea to red – the highest level – which indicates a ‘major volcanic eruption is imminent, underway, or suspected with hazardous activity both on the ground and in the air.’… more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5733935/Hawaii-goes-RED-ALERT-major-eruption-Kilauea-volcano.html

    USGS Earthquake Map shows quakes in last 24 hours- scroll to Hawaii (then zoom out)


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7 replies
  • Satan (3882 posts)
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    1. Maybe it's holding out for May 18

    ..where it can erupt in a tribute to Mt. St Helens?

    I didn't refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because any goddamned Russian told me to. I refused to vote for her because she is a warmongering, election stealing, Goldman Sachs fellating, Republican WHORE. No offense to sex workers.
    • cascadiance (3494 posts)
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      2. Or on May 20th as a tribute to Krakatoa?…

      Seems like all of these places are close by to where I’ve lived.  Was born not far from Krakatoa, lived in Hawaii, and live here in Portland not far from St. Helens too.

      Hope it isn’t as bad as Krakatoa, as that eruption destroyed about 70% of that island back in the late 1800’s.  Would not be good to be on an island with that kind of an eruption happening again!

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    • Bernice Ta (535 posts)
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      7. I was in Tucson, AZ when that happened.

      Pregnant with my second son, and had to limit my outdoor time due to the ash that fell. Somewhere I think I still have a little baggie of ash my husband collected off the car.

      I feel sorry for the people of Hawaii. That has to be really scary to experience.

  • mindwalker (835 posts)
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    3. Grab some marshmallows and let's go!

    Readin'?  That's un-American!  Get your ass in front of a TV!
  • DamnYankeeInHouston (169 posts)
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    4. Hey – let’s all go stand real close and watch it.

    • Gryneos (2322 posts)
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      5. People never learn.

      "That's Jeff Vader, that is."__"I am not Jeff Vader, I am Darth Vader."__"What, Jeff Vader runs the Deathstar?"__"No, Jeff… No, I run the Deathstar."__"You Jeff Vader?"__"No, I'm Darth Vader!"__"Are you his brother? Can you get his autograph?"__"I can't get it… No, I'm… All right, I'm Jeff Vader! I'm Jeff Vader!"__"Can I have your autograph?"__"No, fuck off, or I'll kill you with a tray! Give me penne a la arabiata or you shall die. And you, and everyone in this canteen! Death by tray it shall be!" Eddie Izzard, Circle
  • Dragon Turtle (229 posts)
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    6. Wonder if

    Pele (the Hawaiian goddess of fire, dance, volcanoes and more) , with Kilauea being her home is po’ed or just fooling around doing this on a whim…




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