Heart attack? Stroke? Anxiety?

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      Even after over two decades of anxiety and panic attacks – I still don’t always know.  The symptoms can be very similar.  Right my left arm feels numb and tingly and I’m feeling nausea.  Yet I think back to times that I went to the ER for what I certainly thought felt like a heart attack.

      Every time (except for one) they ran an EKG, did a few tests and gave me a shot of benzodiaopine.  Now i am debating myself again about whether or not to go.  Could it be a heart attack or stroke?  Or is it just another panic attack?

      I’ve read about the symptoms of heart attacks and strokes – and am very familiar with those of anxiety.  There are enough similarities that it is hard to know the difference.  Yet I am sitting here tapping letters on my phone.  I am probably okay.

      Probably.  I hate this shit.  It is one thing when I know (and I usually do) that it is high anxiety or a panic attack… It is really different – and worse, when I have to ask myself if it is something more serious.

      Knowing my luck and family history, it is likely to be a heart attack that gets me – and I probably won’t go to the ER or call 911 until it is too late.

      Probably not yet though.  I hope not yet.  Fuck my life.

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      Take an aspirin in case. As you say you’re probably ok. Hopefully someone who can help will be along soon. I’ve wondered if I’d know, so you aren’t alone with that David.

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