Here is a Trump/nativist nightmare NORTH of the border: Canada plans to take in more than 1 million new immigrants

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      in the next 3 years.

      Canada is seen to be a world leader in terms of its immigration policies, with the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi praising the country for its “extraordinary generosity, openness, and willingness” to help displaced people.

      The 2019-2021 Immigration Levels Plan includes greater targets for the number of refugees and displaced people the country will admit, ranging from 43,000 as a low target in 2019 to 64,500 in 2021.

      1,000,000 in three years would be equivalent to about 10,000,000 in the US.

      About 22% of Canadian residents are immigrants. That is about the same percentage as in Australia (21%) and higher than Sweden (17%) and the US (11%).

      And apparently Canada’s recent immigrants have not been “murderers and rapists” (may even be good for the country – gasp!) because they are growing the number of immigrants and refugees they accept in the future.

      Our MAGA folks must see a future WALL on the NORTHERN border as necessary to keep these migrants from murdering their way through the US population. National security, baby!

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      Where can I apply?

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      You could try what Actor Randy Quaid tried: quit paying your taxes here, then run up there with your wife and claim the US gubmint is persecuting you. Somehow I suspect those hosers are wise to that scam, already, haha.

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      They don’t live under bullshyt pretexts like we do – so they don’t have to play pretend with their populace. At least not as much.

      America is a pretentious society that has lived in a pathetic bubble since the 1950s.


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