Here is Exactly Why Congress Won’t Act on Gun Violence, Climate Change, Impeaching Trump or Anything Else

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    I’m from Dayton so I’m thinking about this today: Why hasn’t Congress done anything to address our national epidemic of mass shootings, namely reviving the assault weapons ban? People—Democrats and not a few Republicans—ask me that all the time. I bet all left-leaning pundits get that question.

    The answer is simple. But it’s not something most people want to hear. It’s the same answer I give to another question I get a lot: why hasn’t Trump been impeached?

    Congress hasn’t gotten off its collective pasty lobbyist-fattened ass because the streets of every major city are not currently filled with millions of pissed-off people throwing rocks at store windows and who refuse to go home until Congress passes real gun control.

    Democratic voters want Trump impeached. They want it—lackadaisically. They don’t want him impeached so badly that millions of demonstrators are willing to fill the streets of every major city day after day, night after night, turning over police cars and setting stuff on fire, until Nancy Pelosi begins impeachment hearings.

    This is a fun game! You name an issue lots of people care about. I’ll explain why the political class is ignoring it.


    Another way of putting it- until enough people care about these issues to make them their number 1 priority in voting, over party, identity and other distractions, nothing will change.

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    This is so true,  we are actually going to go door to door and ask people to support the youth strike on sept 20-27. We will have a street campaign as well as a labor business campaign. This is the frustration we have!


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    Ohio Barbarian
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    Lackadaisical, Rall says. He’s only 55 and should know better, but he’s showing off his bubble right here. The reason people aren’t taking to the streets is because they have neither the time nor the money to do so. They are too busy hanging on to a thread. Until that thread breaks, and it may well break before Trump’s term is up, they will not and should not be expected to take to the streets.

    I can’t afford to take the time off to go to protests. I don’t have the money to go far to attend a protest, and I’m better off than most Americans. If Rall wants to organize a protest, he’s free to do so. But stop whining about those of us less fortunate than you failing to do so, Ted.

    As for Congress, that’s on Nancy Pelosi, not us.

    We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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      “The reason people aren’t taking to the streets is because they have neither the time nor the money to do so.”

      That’s a feature designed into the system.  Just as slaves were not allowed to have meetings to discuss working conditions on the plantations, modern wage slaves are not allowed the free time to take to the streets.  And even if they did, as with the Occupy movement a while back, it will get minimal coverage until they get their heads busted.  The French yellow vest movement is way ahead of us on this score.

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      Nancy and the dem ‘leadership’ won’t do jack until they lose their jobs. Once the whores lose their congressional jobs the rest of the whores will pay attention.

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    Cold Mountain Trail
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    “they have neither the time nor the money”

    the other factor is the knowledge of surveillance.

    i just found that my town’s police force has surveillance drones.  this is a smallish town, but they have surveillance drones.

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    game meat
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    Like many other social activities that people used to do in meatspace, a lot of activism has moved online. It’s inherently passive relative to taking to the streets, but it’s not without real life consequences. 8 Massive Moments Hashtag Activism Really, Really Worked

    Here’s the thing: The majority of these are in the general category of social justice because that’s where the activist energy seems to be. If the twitterati were as passionate about climate change as they are about Trump’s dress code, you might see some real life results on that front. Who knows? It’s often a matter of priorities.

    Beyond all of that, many people these days just don’t have the time to attend protests. People are working longer hours, sometimes multiple jobs, and just don’t have the time or energy reserves necessary. Why use your limited sick/vacation days to attend a protest when you can tweet at work?

    As a result, the torches and pitchforks are gathering dust in the basement with the unused golf clubs and the peloton.


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    Ted Rall is right for the most part.

    However, I disagree with the way they are acting with Gun Violence.  There is a difference this time.

    This time, both sides agree on one thing.  Curtailing our first amendment rights, and ability to provide differing points of view.

    You can see it in Trump’s rhetoric, as well as some Democrats.  Attacking the websites, and calling for regulating opinions.

    Part of the reason some of these extreme views have gotten more prevalent is because of how things are.

    The way websites filter and make suggestions put those with similar views together, and with some being kicked out of platforms, it gives rise to them going Underground, fomenting more extreme views.  Instead of actually learning from one another.

    However, it looks like they are trying to use this as a power grab to control information dissemination.

    Both parties want that.  To solidify their hold on information once more.  Since due to the Internet, it has effectively created conditions somewhat similar to the free press from before.  Before Clinton got a hold of it with the Telecommunications act.

    Notice, how they are trying to put the blame of radicalization through the internet and websites instead.  Which is why I see them moving to encroach upon our 1st amendment rights once more.

    To me, the 1st Amendment is far more important than the 2nd amendment.  However, it is also the easier to limit, particularly as both parties have a vested interest in it, in their grasping for power.

    I am quite frustrated.

    So, I guess I do agree with his premise.  That people are not out there at the streets.  However, even that, I don’t know.  Most people are stuck with day-to-day living, trying to survive, that if they have a job scraping by, most can’t just go protest like that.

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    I think there’s a “what good does it do” feeling at work here, too.  How many millions worldwide have protested climate change?  Occupy?  Endless war?  Gon violence?  And little, if anything improves. These are seen by lots of folks as being insurmountable problems, but with decent, sane global LEADERSHIP, they could all be reckoned with.

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    There is a lot of division too geographically. If you protest in the big cities like LA or Chicago or Baltimore or NYC, half the country and the GOP won’t give a crap because they think the urban populations are “socialists trying to destroy America.” And the protests won’t effect them because they live out in the country and suburbs. They won’t see it.

    Right now this is a very divided country.  The two sides each want a different country.

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    NV Wino
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    Yellow vest style protesting in San Francisco against something that Washington controls does little good. Protesting in Napa makes even less sense. The size of our country limits the effectiveness of protests. Not to mention, having once succumbed to public opinion and protests regarding the Vietnam War, they eventually learned to ignore the protests and diminish them with troublemaking infiltrators as well as severe crowd underestimates.

    If we descended upon Washington DC en mass, or surrounded our senators’ and representatives’ house with massive crowds, it might possibly have an effect. But until that happens protesting in the streets is a waste of time.

    “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee
    “Politicians and pro athletes: The only people who still get paid when they lose.” William Rivers Pitt

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    Two way street
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    Time to wear a yellow vest to the voting booth.

    I would like to see a video of voters wearing yellow vests to the voting places, like in Broward County Florida, in the coming Fall 2019 General Election Day.

    A person simply and peacefully walks into the building wear a yellow vest or yellow top/shirt, and votes (2019), stops by the exit poll and leaves peacefully to return to work or home.

    2020 Campaign Season: We the People are in the fight for our lives and livelihoods.

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    There isn’t enough pain to get people in the streets just yet. As for the oligarchy and the climate crisis, it’s going to take a few NFL games getting cancelled due to extreme weather events before anything significant will be done about that. Which brings me back to a couple favorite quotes:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable” – JFK

    “The more I see of the moneyed peoples, the more I understand the guillotine” – G.B. Shaw

    We’re looking at you Nancy and Chuck.

    Vichy Dem (VD) + Group of Parasites (GOP) = Plutocratic Uniparty (PU) PU slogan for the 99%: "Consume and Be Happy!" "The more I see of the moneyed people, the more I understand the guillotine" - George Bernard Shaw

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    a little weird
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    Hmm, I don’t know about that.  I remember Occupy Wall Street when people took to the streets to demand change.  It didn’t work out too well for them but Wall Street’s still doing great.

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    Not enough Americans have reached the point of having nothing to lose yet (me included), but when that day comes, and the way things are going now, it looks like it is coming, then shit will change, for better or worse.

    All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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    I disagree with the idea Americans don’t have time or money to protest.  I do believe there are some people this is true for but not most.  I see Americans have lots of time to go to football games,  movies, the mall, the fair the lake. They certainly have time to go and by shit they don’t need at Walmart, Costco, amazon.  The French had this issue so they made their protests on the weekends. That way you can go, you can go one day, you can skip a week. They have not only gone for most of a year, they are still going!

    I am on the streets a lot I can because I am no longer working, it costs me nothing to be on the streets.

    When the nazi gangs decided to have a conference in Kolon Germany, 2 million came out on the street and shut the city down! Taxis refused to pick the Nazis up hotel refused to rent rooms, businesses shut down.  The City literally shut down! The racist scum never had their conference.

    We are going to start to witness massive Climate disasters yet people cannot be bothered to show up and support the youth who will face a collapsing  world, yet every other country in the world has mass protests and in most, people are much more hand to mouth then we are.


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    I have scoured the web looking for a tv interview with George Carlin a few months before his passing without any success. In it, the interviewer asked what it will take for things to change in this country. His reply, in a low tone, was “A lot of blood. A lot of blood”.

    “The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of this planet.” John F. Kennedy

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    David the Gnome
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    Hmm.  Lots of blood is probably right.  Our blood.  The people in power will make rivers of it before they give in.  They wont do it until they think they have to though.  For now, the mask, the pretense at a democratic republic remains.

    It will require a type of catalyst to really get us moving.  Something that hurts tens of millions, maybe more.

    It’s not what I want, or what I hope for, but it is probably what will happen.  If food distribution breaks down, delivery systems and such, or the power goes out and stays out for millions of people.  Or perhaps if Yellowstone erupted.  Perhaps a nuclear suitcase.

    It will most likely be something truly terrible.

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    You first Ted. I don’t have the time plus I don’t want to get killed. The govt. has tanks and nukes, I don’t.


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