Here it is folks …the declassified whistleblowers complaint.

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    i have seen it.doesn’t look good for trump.but turmp’s own transcript helps mke case against him.

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    Trump should resign.  Except that he can’t, because, um,…prison.

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    Looks like there’s a flock of witnesses that are now reading the 5th Amendment or practicing singing.



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    Mr. Mickeys Mom
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    Anyone see Democracy Now! today and the interview with Edward Snowden? Some of that transcript is below the video. Not all whistle blowers are equal…

    And what we see in the system that’s been built today for whistleblowing is you’re told there are proper channels that you go through, and you’ll be safe if you do this. You will be heard, and your complaints will be investigated, and any improprieties that are borne out by the facts will be corrected.

    We know historically this is not the case. There have been academic articles published for years — and there was actually one just published today — looking back through previous cases of, for example, NSA whistleblowers who did go through this process, and they had their lives destroyed. They lost their careers, they lost their homes, in some cases they lost their families, because of the stress and retaliation and consequences they face. Some of them lost their freedom. Chelsea Manning right now is sitting in prison. We have had so much mistreatment of whistleblowers here.

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    Thanks for posting this here. Trump sure talks like a mob boss, walks like a mob boss…

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