Here's the scene at my local hospital this morning.

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      NV Wino
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      I had been holding off on getting some bloodwork done because I didn’t want to enter a potentially dangerous area. Then I learned all of our (now nine) local COVID 19 cases (except one in a hospital out of the area) are isolated at home, so I decided to go.

      Parking lot was nearly empty. There was only one entrance open. I was met in the lobby by a young woman, dressed in street clothes (no nurse’s uniform), wielding a questionnaire and a thermometer. I was required to show identification and was issued a sticky label to wear on my coat that said I was approved and needed lab work. Temporary Plexiglas barriers, obviously quickly assembled, separated the public from the workers. The usual sign-in sheet was missing. The registration receptionist dealt with everything verbally. I was the only person in registration at the time. After going through the usual red tape and verification process, I was informed that Medicare had rejected the claim and was told I would be billed for the lab work. This is the same lab work Medicare has paid for previously, by the way. It will be a cold day in hell before I pay for a test that the doctor ordered and Medicare has paid for previously. But onward. The tape fairies had been busy marking off 6′ parameters wherever people might congregate. There was no one waiting in the lab, and I was in and out almost before I was able to get my coat off. All elective procedures have been canceled. The cafeteria is closed to the general public. There are no volunteers. There was no valet parking, which was no big deal because there were few cars and plenty of parking spaces.

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      leftcoast mountains
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      Unfortunately in this county the cases have ramped up to 55 and 3 dead. Too close to L. A. county I guess.

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      I had an appointment in Medical City in Houston last week.  I put it off for a month hoping for the worst to be over by then.

      I had wondered if valet parking would be available.  Makes sense it would not be.  If I have the virus my car is contaminated.  The car parker is now contaminated and every car he handles after mine is contaminated.  That’s one hell of a vector.

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      B Calm
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      we have two hospitalized coronavirus cases, both females.  I have cancelled doctor visits and an eye appointment.  You were brave!

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      We have six here. My niece is a RN and its starting to pick up even out here at the end of the road in rural Alaska. My brother and his family are quarantined so maybe I’m going to have to drone in groceries. Everyone is laid off. Its eerie here. This is what the third world puts up with every day. God bless everyone. You are so loved.

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      Lab tests and a scan.  Quiet . . . and I had my temp checked with a forehead device at the 2nd appointment.

      Nothing bad found, though 🙂

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      Yeah, I had to visit one in my area last wk. or so, pick up a recent MRI report got end of Feb but it was sealed up. Only way in  could find was through the ER and was checked out pretty good before entering then had to go through a few locked doors inside to get the records area. BTW my first mri got denied 4 half months ago, been telling Drs I saw was in a whole lot of pain, finally got one to do test and sure enough, did some damage. Only now, everything going forward has been put on hold around here.

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      I went to see my NP this morning for prescription maintenance. I don’t have an MD because it takes a wait of 2.5 – 3 months just to book an appointment with him. Normally I get a blood draw every three months but I just did the minimum today. Get in and get out with the meds called in. This is a two floor clinic owned by the local non profit (lol) hospital conglomerate that has bought out every competitor in town. That place is normally packed but it was a ghost town today. I’ve heard my type of inhaler is in short supply so I got her to write it for 3 months. I doubt I’ll be able to get it filled past a 30 day supply.

      Both the NP and her trainee were wearing masks but not the N95 masks they really should have available to them.

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      With things put on hold here (ortho app. pushed back to late May for now but with poss. I turn source of pain being a nerve and just getting in to see before things got shut down for me, he said could contact him anytime pretty much. Planning to take him up on that) but was kind of wondering if things were similar elsewhere.

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