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      The media portray our military personnel as heroes. Then they imply military experience is responsible for veterans going crazy and murdering people. So which is it? It’s both, actually. The military teaches conflicting values, and some people are unable to sort these conflicts within themselves. As long as we have a big military and engage in forever wars, we will have this.

      Florida shooting: former US marine kills four, including a baby, police say | Florida | The Guardian


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      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      In WW2 only 5% of soldiers were able to kill. Today it is supposedly 95%. If you’ve made 95% killers you can’t let them back into society. That’s why the forever wars.

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      Looks like a co-morbidity. I was looking at an undated VA website and it suggested that if there was substance abuse, it could be a factor adversely affecting the diagnosis. I didn’t see anything in a fairly dated DSM-5 for PTSD they had linked that referred to secondary psychosis. There are some scholarly articles on the co-morbidity of PTSD and psychosis that say it is real. The meth use confounds this guys problem big time. Maybe he has an insanity defense anyway.

      A long time ago, I sat in a hearing of veteran with a similar case. He seemed to have psychotic symptoms more so than ptsd. When he described his stressors, they involved killing people, civilians, but there was no evident combat, although it was a combat zone, they were described as non-combatants. He never got over it. His claim was not approved as far as I knew. Who knows maybe later.

      There is a big problem trying to get competent ptsd treatment for veterans. There is a big PR effort by the government to suggest otherwise. I’m not convinced. Drug abuse sometimes represents a self treatment effort. Unwise of course, but that can happen.

      The forensic evidence in this suspect’s case will be interesting. His attorney’s will have to do the incompetence and then insanity route. Good luck getting a impartial jury in a case like this. People are just generally biased against mental illness claims. Add in the multiple deaths…big legal challenge.

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