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  • KauaiK (3529 posts)
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    Hey @Deadpool, you have to hand it to Ryan Reynold and Andrew Garfield,

    aka Deadpool and Spiderman respectively,  to steal some of Ryan Goslings’ thunder on his Golden Globe win.  Not the kidnapping of Fallon we hoped for but right there front and center.


    My dear friends, Michael, Carlos and Ari, rest their souls, would be screaming in delight.


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  • northernsouthern (987 posts)
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    1. two things…

    Did he do it to mess with Gosling because of the win or because people say they look alike?


    and second in the comments there was this…


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    • roguevalley (2345 posts)
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      2. Awesome. Young Hollywood is a hoot

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