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  • Ejbr (277 posts)
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    Hillary Clinton ran a great campaign

    and some nincompoop can prove it!



    I can’t… the author more or less advises the reader that Trump was not held to the same standard as Clinton. As you know all of the main stations praised his ability to grab a woman by the pussy whether she asked him to or not, remember?

    And that damn Comey!  Why did he have to fabricate Clinton’s private server and then have the audacity of doing his job of investigating her?!

    And there was no cheating during the primary. DWS and Donna Brazille only left their posts to “spend more time with their families”. And the Wikileaks revelations about closed primaries, moving southern states up in schedule, and media collusion never really happened because the author of this drivel never brought it up. She won by millions of votes you know, so the superdelegates whose overwhelming support of your highness really never influenced any uninformed voters who found a female leader to be a novel idea.

    In sum, Secretary Clinton ran a great campaign. The fact that she lost to an orange baboon who grabs at people without permission and was hailed as the most two-faced Republican opponent in history  before the first vote was cast means nothing. In losing, Clinton actually won.

    On edit:

    the author also blames the BernieBros for more or less not wanting to vote for her, cuz you know we don’t have that whole falling in line thing on lock yet.

    AND most annoyingly, although the DNC meddling had NO effect on the primary, the alleged Russian meddling HAD an effect on the general election. How fucking convenient

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    Done with Corporate Dems. Done. "The time is always right do the right thing." MLK

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  • Scuba (4759 posts)
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    1. So if she ran a great campaign and still lost to Donald Trump …

    … then she must have been the worst candidate in history.

    • daleanime (2694 posts)
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      2. And any system that tries to force two such candidates on the voters….

      is completely and thoroughly broken.

      When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
  • RadicleFantast (1657 posts)
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    3. I'm not yet to the point of actually enjoying

    these fan fiction pieces, though the phenomenon is pretty interesting. They need more shipping to gain a real following I think.

    “We’re not going to accept no more hemming and hawing. No more game playing. Make your stand.”

  • vanflower (621 posts)
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    4. who wrote this, Benjy Compson?

    • Ejbr (277 posts)
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      5. Who dat?

      Done with Corporate Dems. Done. "The time is always right do the right thing." MLK
    • vanflower (621 posts)
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      10. From The Sound and the Fury, Benjy gave the

      Hillbot version of events, no offense to Benjy intended.

  • HassleCat (2307 posts)
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    6. "Great?" It was perfect!

    That’s how She became president. Good thing, huh? That Trump fellow was bad news. He would have made a lousy president.

    • MistaP (7342 posts)
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      11. they DO think their campaigning's been perfect since 2010

      it’s just the voters who repeatedly fail them!

      yes, that’s how they think!

      http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
  • ronRonnie (715 posts)
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    7. Great campaign?

    Hillary and her asshole supporters are brain dead.  Those comments are typical hillarybot  delusion.  “Hillary ran a great campaign, that’s why she won, but still lost, or something…”  FAIL.

    Those Hilbots are nauseating.

  • Nedsdag (72 posts)
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    8. A poster on the board named Paul Weis summed her campaign to a T:

    Didn’t feel like a great campaign to me – Sanders and Trump had identifiable political identities, Sanders had clearly stated priorities and agendas – but Hilary’s campaign seemed safe, leaving her as a status-quo candidate, poorly articulated priorities, room to allow everyone else to fill in the blanks, and the ongoing Democratic party platform of “we’re not Trump” and relying on the party and insiders and corporate campagin money to bulldoze her into office. She needed to understand the importance of message and image, not only for winning the election but for shaping the other races and for governing, but her approval ratings were anemic and her campaign did little to change the messaging believing her win was inevitable. If she had won, we still would have had a solidly GOP congress with no chance for change in the future.

    • Ejbr (277 posts)
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      9. On point!


      Done with Corporate Dems. Done. "The time is always right do the right thing." MLK