“HIPPA doesn’t allow me to tell you.”

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      The privacy provisions of HIPPA are giving people an excuse to avoid disclosing their covid-19 vaccination status. They don’t have to if they don’t want to, so they are half correct. That’s why the idea of a vaccine passport is gaining traction. If you can’t show some proof of vaccination, the WalMart greeter won’t let you in.

      HIPAA was enacted 25 years ago. Today it’s wrongly being used to justify keeping COVID status secret. (msn.com)

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      Here is the actual title, “HIPAA was enacted 25 years ago. Today it’s wrongly being used to justify keeping COVID status secret.”

      Under HIPAA Laws, an individual can publicly declare anything they want to about their health. At the same time, under the same law, an individual does not have to declare anything. That is the law. So an individual who declares publicly, “under HIPAA, I do not have to tell you anything!” Well, that person just made a public statement, so any ramifications of their statement is on them.

      So here is the quandary, when the individual has to produce a vaccination record for entry to a public location. Now, if this is a private business, it can come down to many court cases going back and forth. The actual question that will need to be answered in court, “Is this to the benefit of society?” As for government institutions, there is a requirement for proof of vaccination or a proof of a negative COVID-19 test no more than 3 days old for emittance in Texas of all places. So once again, we are back to the benefit of society argument.

      Let’s just say it is to the benefit of society to have the record of a COVID-19 vaccination of an individual public. In the article, it goes in length why HIPAA Laws were enacted because of the Health Insurance Industry selectively excluding individuals with prior conditions from changing insurance plans. There are already reports of Health Insurance Companies cancelling insurance coverage because an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status became known. It is a known fact that once an insurance policy is cancelled, it is a costly endeavor to get another policy, usually to the benefit of the insurance company.

      Here is the real fact. Because information about COVID-19 and remedies are being withheld and censored, the public is being presented with and reduced to discussing stupid stuff coming out of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dak Prescott mouths.

      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

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