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    Holten Meat employees reject latest contract offer, authorize strike

    Members of United Food & Commercial Workers Local 655, in a secret ballot vote this morning at the American Legion Post in Dupo, IL, on recommendation of their bargaining committee, rejected a contract offer and authorized an immediate strike against Holten Meat Inc. The vote was 38 to accept the contract and 124 to reject and strike (75%), Local 655 Director of Collective Bargaining Garry Torpea announced. A two-thirds majority was needed to authorize a strike.

    Picket lines were established at Holten’s facility immediately following the vote and will remain up during the duration of the strike. UFCW Local 655 President David Cook said the sooner Holten negotiators present a contract addressing employee concerns, the sooner the strike could end and work could begin.

    “The issue here is not over economics,” said Cook. “The critical issue is seniority language as it relates to job mobility, an issue the company steadfastly refused to recognize.”

    Currently, a night-shift worker at Holten Meat cannot use their seniority to bid for an open day-shift job if it becomes available. Rather than allow senior employees to work a different shift when a position opens up, Holten frequently hires brand new employees to fill those day jobs.



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