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      So Far From Heaven
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      This is delicious.

      No kidding. How is this for a title:

      Ukraine launches probe into alleged surveillance of former U.S. envoy

      It’s from NBC. It’s HERE.

      Now to the good part:

      Ukraine has launched criminal investigations into the possible illegal surveillance of former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, and the reported hacking of Burisma Holdings, the natural gas company at the center of the Trump impeachment.

      “Ukraine’s position is not to interfere in the domestic affairs of the United States of America,” the Interior Ministry, which runs the police forces, said in a statement.

      However, recent reports pointed to the possible violation of Ukrainian and international law, it said.

      “Ukraine cannot ignore such illegal activities on the territory of its own state,” the statement added.

      Somehow me no see “Biden” in there.

      Oooooooooh my….

      You can actually get the direct thing from Ukraine HERE and HERE, but I have to tell you it’s a real slog to get it and then use their English version translator. Worth it though…..

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      When the going gets tough, the tough help each other.

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      Will Ukraine fund the investigation by calling on their Sugar Daddy Don?

      Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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      This is the guy who tried to oust Obama by saying he was a Kenyan Muslim infiltrator, not really an American at all, and who was a core instigator in the incendiary racist “birther conspiracy”.  This is the guy who’s wife got on national TV and proclaimed that Trump was spot on in his accusations.  But she really doesn’t care.  Do you?

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        So Far From Heaven
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        I don’t give a rats ass about Trump for anything other than his inability to govern. His obvious mental problems only contribute to those issues.

        Do I care?

        You can bet your bottom dollar that I care. What do you think this website represents? Everything counter to what Orange Face represents.

        Do you?

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      Good to hear. Thank you for posting.

      Bernie: "Not Me. Us"

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