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    Homeless Dog With Cancer Was Living Alone On The Streets, But All He Wanted…


    Buddy was a homeless dog living alone on the streets of Romania. His life was rough but he never lost his will to live. He sought shelter under cars, and survived off of scraps that people gave him. Despite his rough life, he was a very friendly dog and loved people.

    Thankfully, he was finally rescued by Howl Of A Dog, but his journey did not get any easier from here. After being examined at the vet. They determined that he had a tumor on his spleen and needed emergency surgery. He received a total splenectomy and samples of the tumor were sent to a lab. It came back that Buddy had incipient lymphoma.

    Because they found the cancer early on, they believe that they will be able to give Buddy a comfortable and happy life. It’s unknown if Buddy ever had a home, but now he needs one more than ever. He’s thought to be around six years old, and has since been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He’s very well-behaved and loves to go for walks. If you’d like to adopt Buddy, email contact@howlofadog.org.

    Video: https://youtu.be/qldhCPF52ws

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