Homeless Encampments Indicate Real Poverty, Social Problems.

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      Not all homeless people are just homeless. Some are also drug addicts, criminals, perverts and severely mentally ill. They mingle with the rest of the homeless in large encampments, tent cities that resemble the cardboard boxes and tin shacks of third world countries. In fact, the similarities go beyond the obvious visual symptoms. Like many other countries, we have wealthy people who are offended by paying taxes, and believe they are robbed of what is rightfully theirs when they have to pay for mental hospitals, public housing, job programs, food stamps, drug rehab, and anything else except the military. They prefer to have the homeless live in tent cities because they think it reduces their taxes. Except, oops! Tent cities have to go somewhere, and they sometimes end up right next door to nice neighborhoods. Not a problem. We’ll just send in the police and sanitation crews to eject the people and haul their stuff to the dump. Except, oops again! They just pop up somewhere else, put up new tent cities, and blight different neighborhoods. It’s a giant game of Whack-A-Mole. Most people seem content to push the homeless from one place to another. The slums of Rio or Calcutta seem almost humane in comparison.


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