Homeowners hit with electric bills as high as $17K amid Texas winter storm

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      From https://nypost.com/2021/02/19/homeowners-hit-with-massive-electric-bills-amid-texas-winter-storm/ :

      Electric bills in the Lone Star State skyrocketed to as high as $17,000 per month after a historic storm and power outage sparked a high demand for heat, according to reports Friday.

      Dallas-area resident Ty Williams was hit with sticker shock when his monthly bill soared from $600 last month to nearly $17,000 so far this month, according to the local station WFAA.

      “How in the world can anyone pay that? I mean you go from a couple hundred dollars a month…there’s absolutely no way‚ it makes no sense,” Williams, who said he received the bill from the energy firm Griddy.

      The price of power in Texas spiked from $50 to $9,000 per Megawatt in some cases due to the supply and demand disaster, according to the station.

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      Suck it up buttercups, YOU signed that “variable rate” electric contract with your provider now didn’t you?

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      My worst bill here in the Pacific Northwest is during the December month at around $200 and I ‘m running a couple thousand watts, even with LED’s of xmas lights and we buy the more expensive all renewables power.

      My worst bills in the summer heat don’t break $150 generally. Texas power is clearly criminal and my costs are easily double what they were before Enron bought PGE.

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        –our only heat is electric.  There is an average billing plan, where you pay the same amount monthly despite much higher winter usage.  Just got a notice that our monthly payment is going down, from $401 bimonthly to $365 bimonthly, so I’m please that being more careful over the last year has had some effect.    Thankfully we have a city-owned utility, so no Enron-style price gouging.

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      Figure out a way to (1) dissolve the corrupt ERCOT or whatever they call it (2) get Texas back under federal regulation (3) use the powerof the federal government to sue the bastards on behalf of the rate payers and (4) establish permanent federal oversight. Anything else? Oh, yeah. M4A.

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      Yo, Texas! How does it feel?

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