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  • leftcoastmountains (3306 posts)
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    House Democrats Boo Bernie, He Answers With Why We Love Him

    Published on Jul 7, 2016
    Bernie Sanders was booed while giving a speech to Democrats in Congress. As he has done his entire career, he didn’t back down.

    Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

    Just in case you didn’t see this video. I don’t remember it. Love it.

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    #CalExit #Trumpdoesn'tpaytaxeswhyshouldwe

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10 replies
  • NedDevine (501 posts)
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    1. Im thankful every day for Jimmy Dore

  • donDonE (229 posts)
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    2. Seeing this for the first time, thank you leftcoastmountains.


    There are three kinds of men, ones that learn by reading, a few who learn by observation, and the rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and learn for themselves. Will Rogers
  • jwirr (4134 posts)
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    3. Screw those House Democrats – take names and we will find someone good to

    replace them as soon as we can.

    • Scuba (4473 posts)
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      5. +1

  • Spanishprof27 (277 posts)
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    4. And that right there is one reason why they couldn't win the election

    They’re only interested in winning elections, but they’re too busy fighting the progressives in their own party  to have anything left to take on the Republicans. While they’re busy focusing on “winning,” Trump was traveling around the country talking, as Bernie did, about transforming the country, bringing jobs back, etc. His way of doing it is different, obviously, but logically, are voters more likely to vote for someone who tells them how he/she is going to make their lives better, or someone whose only talking point is fear of the other candidate.  I know many Democrats who ended up voting for Trump, and I know many Republicans who would have voted for Bernie.

    My brother was a delegate for Trump at the Republican Convention. He described the division in the Republican Party, and how the party “machine,” as my brother calls it, really didn’t want Trump. But in the end, they went with the candidate the people preferred. The Democrats, on the other hand, forced Hillary on us and ended up doing what the Republicans avoided, expending most of their energy fighting the progressives who wanted Bernie. No surprise that didn’t work.

  • nxylas (297 posts)
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    6. Over at my parents for Christmas, and wifi is spotty

    Could someone please give me a summary of the video?

    "Slavery followed, even voluntary slavery; the weak eagerly submitted to the strong, on condition that the latter aided them to subdue the still weaker. Then there were saints who came to these people, weeping, and talked to them of their pride, of their loss of harmony and due proportion, of their loss of shame. They were laughed at or pelted with stones." - Dostoevsky, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man
    • leftcoastmountains (3306 posts)
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      7. I think it's better to wait to see it. Basically Bernie is talking to House

      Democrats and they boo him. He told them winning elections isn’t the only thing they should

      focus on. He was talking about remaking the country. They wanted to hear about how Bernie

      was going to help them beat Trump. But Bernie didn’t yield an inch.  The Democrats wanted to know

      when Bernie was going to support Hillary.  Jimmy Dore says it like only he can.

      #CalExit #Trumpdoesn'tpaytaxeswhyshouldwe
      • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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        8. except it's just dore talking. i'd like to see a clip of the booing.

        • leftcoastmountains (3306 posts)
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          9. Yeah he's reading Politico. I would have preferred a clip also.

          #CalExit #Trumpdoesn'tpaytaxeswhyshouldwe
  • Shlabotnik (591 posts)
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    10. Never Forget This

    They are the enemy too. I remember when this happened and I was sickened.

    ~ All Good things are Wild and Free ~