How a County GOP Chair Coordinated a Voting Machine Breach

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      The Georgia Secretary of State claims it’s investigating how a local election supervisor gave a cadre of 2020 election truthers improper access to an election computer system—what initially seemed like the latest example of rogue actors misusing their government positions to cast doubt on President Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. But that investigation may expose a far more sinister plot than previously suspected. According to text messages obtained by The Daily Beast, the covert access granted to Atlanta bail bondsman Scott Hall and his technica

      The next morning, the operation was underway. Text messages show that a group of five people traveled south from Atlanta to the government elections offices in Douglas. According to the texts, the team was led by Paul Maggio, an executive at a computer forensics and data storage company in the city.

      Maggio and his firm, SullivanStrickler, played a role in perpetuating the myth of a Trump victory in 2020 as hired expert witnesses supporting a lawsuit against Antrim County, Michigan—another locality that was mired in bogus allegations of vote tampering—and the text messages show that the team headed to rural Georgia also included Jeffrey Lenberg, a man heralded by rightwing media as a “systems vulnerability expert” who also reviewed the voting machines in Antrim County. Hall chartered a plane for a team set on copying a computer server that housed the elections l team was actually part of a coordinated effort to find election irregularities. And the effort, it turns out, was led by a local elections official and the chair of the rural county’s Republican Party—who was also one of former President Donald Trump’s infamous slate of fake electors.

      Last month, The Washington Post revealed that the Secretary of State’s office was investigating the matter. But the never-before-reported text messages shed new light on who arranged the possibly illegal access to the computer and who was on the team that traveled south to do it. The Secretary of State’s office is already fighting off a lawsuit over the security of the state’s voting machines and may face tough questions before a federal judge next week, given that the Coffee County incident demonstrates the state’s inability to keep its machines off limits.

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