How A Mischievous Orange Kitten Changed One Man’s Life

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      “I was talking to them in the cage when a volunteer from KAT came over to us,” Tom recalls, remembering how the volunteer asked if they’d like to hold the baby cats. One kitten instantly fell asleep in his roommate’s arms; the second playfully batted Tom’s hand with an outsized purr. “He likes you,” the volunteer smiled, before asking if the friends were looking to adopt, which prompted Tom to break down.

      “I literally felt tears going down my face,” he remembers, handing the kittens back to the sympathetic volunteer. “She said if we were interested in these two, she would put a day hold on them,” Tom recalled, but walking out to the car, he already knew he’d just met the newest members of his family. “I looked at my buddy and said, ‘we are getting them, aren’t we?’ We went back in and told the volunteer we didn’t need a day. We wanted them.”

      During their first night in Tom’s home, one kitten just ran around the kitchen, his orange fur making him look like a streak of light. That kitten was named Blaze for his color and speed, while his sibling revealed a more mischievous nature.

      “He would initiate play, and also sneak up and pounce on Blaze and then take off,” Tom said of the yet-to-be-named elder brother. A friend suggested a website,, to get ideas. “As soon as I saw Loki, the Nordic God of Mischief, I knew that was who he was,” he said.

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