How absurd. Poor pup was scared. But, hey – it's the po-lice – pup was 'resisting' I guess.

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      “Thousands of animal-lovers are calling for the release of a poor young puppy taken into police custody after it escaped from its home and nipped an officer as it cowered under a vehicle.

      Bungle, a four-month-old Chow Chow puppy, faces being caged in secret boarding kennels for up to nine months under the Dangerous Dogs Act, and could even be put down. The pup’s millionaire owners David and Susan Hayes say it escaped from their home on Saturday and ran under a van, where it bit a Northamptonshire police officer who was trying to remove it.”

      I used to volunteer as a dog=walker at the locale Humane Shelter and I know Chows are tempermental. But use common feckin sense. And try not to overact for crying out loud.

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      That was pretty much what I was expecting, sadly.

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        It’s a not uncommon fate of canines who come to the attention of law enforcement in the US.  Luckily, the pup is in the UK!

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      Once the dog appears free of rabies symptoms, I think they’ll release it.

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