How Big Phrama Flipped Senator Kyrsten Enema

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      In the current Congress, Big Pharma appears to have zeroed in on Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) as one of their lead obstructionists to help kill or gut Democrats’ drug pricing plan. In the 2020 election cycle, pharmaceutical political action committees (PACs) suddenly funneled more money to her than they did in the whole six years she served in the US House.

      Pharmaceutical companies can charge up to four times as much in the United States for name-brand pharmaceuticals than in other countries, in part because Congress barred Medicare from using its bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. President Joe Biden and most Democrats support lifting that prohibition in their reconciliation legislation, a move that would save hundreds of billions of dollars — but Sinema has emerged as the party’s most prominent opponent of the plan.

      Her heel turn on drug pricing is a dramatic shift. A onetime progressive activist, Sinema campaigned on lowering drug prices in her 2018 Senate race, and she was still calling on Congress to address rising drug costs as recently as last year, boasting on her Senate website that she was fighting to “ensure life-saving drugs” would be more affordable.

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      Maybe it’s because Sinema is just another political opportunist with no moral centre who cares only about herself.

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      Very easily negotiable evidently.

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