How China is replacing America as Asia’s military titan

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      This is a very lengthy Reuters analysis of the current state of China’s military for those of you who are interested. It does contain some fearmongering from the usual suspects, ie retired American admirals and such. The article claims there is no guarantee the US Navy could maintain control of western Pacific waters in a clash with the “People’s Liberation Army Navy,” an oxymoronic label I shan’t repeat.

      While I’m always skeptical of alarmist claims that always justify more American defense spending, I find the detailed analysis of how President Xi has revamped and restructured China’s armed forces interesting, so I’m posting it. It also has some great pictures. First four paragraphs:

      In 1938, in the midst of a long campaign to bring China under Communist Party rule, revolutionary leader Mao Zedong wrote: “Whoever has an army has power.”

      Xi Jinping, Mao’s latest successor, has taken that dictum to heart.

      He has donned camouflage fatigues, installed himself as commander-in-chief and taken control of the two million-strong Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army. It is the biggest overhaul of the PLA since Mao led it to victory in the nation’s civil war and founded the People’s Republic in 1949.

      Xi has accelerated the PLA’s shift to naval power from a traditionally land-based force. He has broken up its vast, Maoist-era military bureaucracy. A new chain of command leads directly to Xi as chairman of the Central Military Commission, China’s top military decision-making body. Operational leadership of naval, missile, air, ground and cyber forces has been separated from administration and training – a structure that Chinese and Western defense analysts say borrows from U.S. military organization.

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      Too bad Reuters doesn’t do a similar in depth examination of everything wrong with the US war industry.

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