How Come So Many Bernie Bros Are Women and People of Color?

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      A recent CNN poll shows that among potential Democratic candidates in Iowa caucuses Senator Bernie Sanders has the highest approval rating from people of color. And the diversity of the Sanders-inspired left was on display at the Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington Vermont earlier this month, which I covered on my podcast, The Katie Halper Show.

      But empirical evidence has not stopped much of the corporate press—including many “liberal” or “progressive” outlets and commentators—from condemning the senator as having “a race problem.”

      Over the past week we saw Jonathan Martin of the New York Times (who happens to be white) claim that Sanders “has done little to broaden his political circle and has struggled to expand his appeal beyond his base of primarily white supporters.” Meanwhile, Clara Jeffery, the editor-in-chief of Mother Jones (also white), recently presented not only Sanders’ supporters but the left movement in general as white. Linking to a written exchange between two Splinter journalists about Sanders, she tweeted, “In which white lefties have a debate that somehow does not discuss the fact that Bernie has no real purchase among the POC base of the Democratic party. And that problem has not improved for him, if anything it seems larger…”

      The real story is very different, as I found at the Sanders Institute Gathering. Organized by Jane Sanders and David Driscoll, the 3-day event was more about the movement that Sanders helped spark than it was about the man. Though Sanders delivered the keynote and participated in several panels, the gathering focused on issues, bringing together leaders, thinkers, organizers and activists. Participants included physician and public health activist Abdul El-Sayed; San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz; actor and activist Danny Glover; executive director of Good Jobs Nation, Joseph Geevarghese; Our Revolution director, Nina Turner;’s executive director Matt Nelson; and many others. Over the weekend, the panels and roundtables addressed healthcare, climate change, criminal “injustice,” civil rights, immigration, Puerto Rico, the housing crisis, the international progressive movement, and other issues with attention to class, race, and gender.

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      Kamala Harris or Cory Booker

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        Support from black voters, in particular, depends upon playing the identity politics game. That’s a problem, not just for Bernie, but for all of us, particularly black people, because the result is a lot of “diversity” happening when campaigns are going on, then no effort to do anything substantive about the police and justice system. It’s this same problem that prevented President Obama from ever having that “conversation about race” he wanted. His party just didn’t care about it.

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      it depends on actually doing something to make the lives of black voters better.

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      policies. The California and Southern primaries could come as a real shock to the Democratic establishment.

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