How did scientists tackle Covid so quickly? Because they pulled together

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      By early February, it was clear there was a serious problem, and the ICU where I work began preparing for what might come our way. We held our first multidisciplinary meeting to discuss how we would manage the emerging threat, with colleagues from public health, virology, microbiology and others all joining us on 12 February. At this point there had been 10 reported cases of Sars-CoV-2 in the UK.

      Things progressed rapidly, and March was a frantic month for the UK response to the emerging pandemic. There was concern that the situation may become so bad the UK would run out of vital equipment such as mechanical ventilators, resulting in the government launching the Ventilator Challenge, to seek out, approve and manufacture the apparatus from a wide variety of sources. Much has been written about this process, but I am certain it was needed – I wouldn’t have agreed to help the endeavour were I not.

      March also saw the launch of the Recovery trial. It is testament to the responsiveness of the UK research system in the face of the pandemic that by 17 March, the trial had been devised, received ethical and regulatory approval, and was ready to start recruiting patients. Since then, more than 20,000 people have participated to help us understand which therapies work for hospitalised patients with Covid-19 – a phenomenal achievement.

      By April we were at the peak of wave one of the pandemic, and ICUs in many areas were under significant strain. On 12 April, there were 3,301 people with Covid-19 requiring mechanical ventilation in the UK. Thankfully, by August this number had reduced to fewer than 70. However, by the end of October, it had once again climbed above 1,000, where it has remained, and currently shows little sign of abating. It is clear that Covid-19 is far from done with us yet.

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      A bare-bones timeline of the Covid, and nothing about so-called “scientists” pulling together (quotation marks mine)…

      …EXCEPT for the second to last paragraph which starts out with (and I quote (quotation marks not mine)):

      Most of the “wins” this year have come from preparedness and collaboration.

      nothing about pulling together and “wins” in quotation marks…the propaganda is all in the headline!

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      Because they designed the damn thing and had a headstart on a vaccine.

      I liken the Netflix show Pandemic coming out as the virus hit to AOC’s movie hitting Netflix two months after she got elected.  It takes a min. 9 months to make a movie from pre to post production.


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