How Germany's Green Party Keeps Winning

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      December 29 2018 

      German politics is going through a major transformation. For most of the postwar period, two giants have dominated — the center-right Christian Democrats, CDU, and the center-left Social Democrats, SPD.

      Now the two big parties, which form the current coalition government, are in trouble. Their support has sunk. Yet, while one upstart far-right party has taken much of the blame, another group from the left has been quietly charging up the polls: the Greens.

      Germany’s recent state elections in Bavaria and Hesse revealed a surge in support for the Greens. In national polls, they are ranked second, chasing the Christian Democrats and well ahead of the Social Democrats.

      The Greens have seats in 14 of Germany’s 16 state legislatures — and in nine of those they form part of a governing coalition….


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