How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel

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      I was fired as a newspaper columnist after I joked about U.S. military aid to Israel on social media.

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      Mossad opened a file on me. I find out about that when I got my CIA file in the mid-90s, I think, and it mentioned Mossad had a file on me before the CIA did because I was a member of a college campus group that supported Palestinian independence. I attracted the CIA’s attention when I was in some anti-Contra and pro-Sandinista protests in the 1980s.

      The tire-slashing, egging, and death threats came after my little group made the local news for asking an Israeli consul some hard questions at a public event. Well, I personally did as well. My parents received some as well, and they even had police protection for a few days. We were labeled with all of the usual nonsense.

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      Guy who argued that there is no cancel culture gets cancelled. Doesn’t exist, he says.

      Sometimes you really do reap what you sow. And now that this has spread further with the demonetizing of relatively tame youtubers…

      Who could ever have predicted this would extend beyond Alex Jones and co.? Was stopping some freak from ranting about gay frogs and false flags worth it?

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      Thus, simply becoming part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

      I need my income, and while it was deeply frustrating to me to have the Guardian policing my tweets, I grudgingly felt I would have to accept the new limits I expected would be imposed on my public speech. I knew that the censorship would be aggravating, but it seemed unavoidable and I hoped it would be limited. At-will employment means employers exert coercive powers over employees’ speech, even off the job, and I have to pay my rent like anybody else.

      Nobody can reasonably begrudge him the fact that he feels obligated to observe “unreasonable” censorship rules for off-clock tweets in exchange for a paycheck. But then when he breaks those rules and gets fired, I’m not so sympathetic to his complaints. That was the deal, he knew it, he agreed to it, he got published and paid, but he broke the deal and he got fired.

      It sucks that this is where we are today, but this is where we are today. Not feeling for him, to be honest. If he had gotten fired for plainly criticizing (not scare quote “joking”) Israel’s conduct in the West Bank and Gaza, his complaints would have resonated, IMO.


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      At this moment, Israel is not to be criticized in any shape or form.

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