How the Woodrow Wilson Influenza of 1918 and the TrumpVirus Pandemic of 2020 Brought Fascism to America

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      But Wilson was beating the drums of war. A young farmer brought the disease to the Army’s Camp Funston (later Fort Riley) 300 miles away. The astonishingly contagious virus tore through a cramped, overcrowded camp with more than 50,000 recruits. Soldiers, nurses, and ordinary citizens who took sick in the morning were often dead by nightfall.

      By any standard of sanity, the camp and region should have been immediately isolated. But Wilson was hell-bent on war. His hastily constructed, absurdly packed barracks stretched across the nation and became the perfect network for mass breeding and spreading a communicable disease. Countless soldiers stuffed onto deathly trains spread Wilson’s flu like wildfire. Even deadlier ships took it overseas.

      Countless previously healthy young men and women were pitched into mass graves or the ocean long before they saw battle. Survivors spread the virus into Europe, then worldwide. It became known as “the Spanish Flu” because only Spain, which was neutral in the war, openly reported on the hideous death toll, which soared into the millions, on their own soil.

      Wilson upped the ante by staging mass rallies to sell war bonds. In Philadelphia, some 200,000 gathered. Then at least 15,000 quickly died. Corpses were stacked in the streets, where rats and wild dogs soon roamed. Medicines, caskets, and gravesites disappeared as medical personnel fell dead. Bereaved families hid bodies at home, then dumped them into unmarked mass graves.

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      Was this before or after he became senile and his wife started running the country?


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        ..he had a stroke.Small strokes began to happen after the war,in late 1918 when he was at Versailles trying to draw up plans for the postwar reconstruction of Europe.The stroke that made him a partial invalid,albeit one with most of his mind intact,happened a year later,in the fall of 1919,when he was stumping the country for the passage of his treaty.

        Wilson would have been at home in the Democratic Party today.He had been a college professor and administrator,solidly in the professional class,and his administration threw a few crumbs toward labor while it courted the so called meritocracy.He justified the US entry into the Great War on the grounds of humanitarian intervention.And to put it mildly,he was not a civil liberties man.

        Obama always reminded me a lot of him.Still does.

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