How to easily navigate the 2020 Democratic Candidate field.

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Who would you put to lead House Dorne?

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  • #1 Corey Booker
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      We shall sort them into Houses, not Harry Potter Houses, but Game of Thrones Houses.

      House Stark.  Bernie Sanders supporters and candidates Jackpine Radicals would get behind.

      House Lannister.  Third Way/NeoconservaDem longshots

      House Tully.  Elderly White Men who have a thing for sniffing little girls hair.  AKA House Biden.

      House Baratheon.  Candidates Most People Have Never Heard of Again.

      House Lannister.  Clinonistas. Candidates whose followers make up Donut Twitter.

      House Tyrell. Green Party Candidates.

      House Dorne.  Secret Wall Streeters.

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      The White Rose: Bernie and all who support his ideology

      The Red Rose: Everybody else!

      Much easier to remember.


      Historical note the Wars of the Roses lasted 100 years. Ended when Richard III

      (House of Lancaster Red Rose) was killed in battle: “A horse, my kingdom for a horse!”

      “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
      ~Samuel Clemens

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