How to Win Medicare for All Under President Biden

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      Our task is not to simply convince Biden to change his views on Medicare for All, but to change the political waters in which that view holds sway. Our task is to create the political will to topple the for-profit healthcare industry, which means building a popular movement that can vilify its business model, expose its corruption of policymaking and shine a light on its financial influence over elected officials, who should similarly be exposed and challenged electorally for protecting an inhumane system.

      Fixing the ACA is on the table, if it can be done in the Senate through a majority vote in the “budget reconciliation” process, or if the Democrats eliminate the 60-vote filibuster rule. As consumer advocate Wendell Potter writes, “Biden has proposed lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to 60 and establishing a public health insurance option to compete with private insurers. He also campaigned on improving the Affordable Care Act to make federal subsidies available to more people.”

      With an evenly divided Senate, there will likely be a push from mainstream Democrats to add a “public option” to the health plan. But even a genuinely public program with no out of pocket costs that provides comprehensive benefits, like the “public option” proposed by the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force, doesn’t contain costs system-wide, leaves 10 million people uninsured, burdens taxpayers with a bailout of insurers to keep their product “affordable,” and adds further complexity to a costly insurance plan-based payer system.

      When a federal ACA fix bill moves through committee, there will be a strategic opportunity to demand a “mark-up” of the single-payer bill and the inclusion of key policy priorities — such as lowering prescription drug prices and eliminating out of pocket expenses — in whatever bill emerges. This process could bring media and political attention to the policy advantages of Medicare for All.

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      Oh, and there is no fucking changing “political will” when people are going to vote for Biden anyway.  Duh.  And fucking hilarious how Biden ran on a public option, said he would VETO M4A, Vichy Dems referred to M4A as a “three word slogan”, the public option has already been shit-canned, I believe – and we can get M4A by just, what, running a bunch of ads that say how awful our present system is?   Hell, when will even running ads be declared misinformation and disinformation, by AOC?   Everybody from Biden on down in Washington already knows that.  And getting rid of that is not where the money is, and Biden/Vichy Dems are in this for the money.  Their money,  and Wall Street’s money.  What the majority of people in the US want has not been even mildly important for quite a long time.  I guess the vote for the blue verbiage will be added to stuff like this when it is closer to 2022.

      This is just hopium.  An addiction to false hope.  A way to keep that duopoly strong.

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