How US Intelligence Has Helped Cartels Kill Thousands in Mexico

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      Thompson’s 2017 article details how in 2011 the Zetas cartel “swept through” Allende and nearby towns “like a flash flood, demolishing homes and businesses and kidnapping and killing dozens, possibly hundreds, of men, women, and children.”

      The massacre unfolded after the DEA told Mexican authorities of a secret operation to spy on several cellphones belonging to Zetas leaders. Mexican authorities leaked details of the operation to the Zetas, who ordered the killings of everyone suspected of being informants, their families, and anyone who might be close to them.

      Among the many victims were locals who had nothing to do with the cartel or with US or Mexican authorities. “They just happened to be in the way,” Thompson wrote in 2017. “I started this story because I was aware that there are many tragedies like the one in Allende, but this one in particular could show a direct link to the US,” Thompson told Insider. For Thompson this was an opportunity to “at least have policymakers thinking” about the consequences of their decisions, but she’s not confident the series will lead to better policies.

      “I think the story of Allende has sort of been heard in Washington. There are investigations happening as a result of that story. The Mexican government has heard and talked about what happened in Allende as a result of ‘Somos,’ but we’d be kidding ourselves if we think this will solve the problem,” she said.

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