Howie Hawkins goes national

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      Howie Hawkins goes national
      Bill Mahoney

      Hawkins, 67, has been a community organizer, logger, and for the 17 years preceding his 2018 retirement, a Teamster working the red-eye shift, unloading trucks for UPS in Central New York. His running mate, Angela Walker of South Carolina, has been a transit operator in Milwaukee.

      “When’s the last time you had two truck drivers running [on a national ticket]?” Nader said in an interview. “You see how off the wall that sounds, even though there are millions of truck drivers. These are not professional politicians, they work with their hands … That’s a good combination, because people often try to pit labor against environmentalists.”

      But during that infamous gubernatorial debate dominated by unique figures, Hawkins did not come across as particularly eccentric. He was obviously far to Cuomo’s left, but was grounded enough to present a reasonable alternative to liberals disenchanted with the Democratic Party’s selection of a moderate standard bearer.

      “We may not see the world the same or support the same solutions to our problems, but he’s as passionate a believer as they come,” said Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, the 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee. “He was a gentleman and fun to debate. When it comes to his beliefs and supporters, he is the real deal.”


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      It’s not just in New York, Howie.

      I’ll vote for him in the unlikely event the Greens make the Ohio ballot. It’s damned near impossible to do when they can’t send petitioners out to gather signatures. How convenient.

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      That would be a first.

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      I will likely vote for Howie because Green Party even though I think Howie sucks as a candidate, but I don’t want to be accused of being a purist! But I just donated 50 dollars to the Socialist ticket of Joseph Kishore/Norissa Santa Cruz as I am becoming more leftist every day that I survive in America.

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