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      I posted the link, instead of the headline of the story that has that link, to emphasize that all discussion can now begin from the documents that the FBI itself has released.

      And now on to the story, which doesn’t come from the New York Times*.

      FBI releases documents on DNC staffer Seth Rich, emails suggest murder discussions

      Dan Knight | TheBL a day ago

      The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released thousands of pages of documents on murdered DNC operative Seth Rich, in which there are emails mentioning the discussions of his assassination.

      Rich was shot in the middle of the night in the summer of 2016 in Washington during a supposed robbery though nothing had been taken. The investigation just seemed to die, and the killers were never apprehended. Before the 2016 election, he worked for the Democratic National Committee and was suspected of leaking emails related to the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta to WikiLeaks.

      According to the Gateway Pundit, FBI denied for years they had anything on the case.

      But this week, the bureau finally brought the Seth Rich case out of the closet, with the documents posted on Thursday on the FBI Vault.


      FBI Seth Rich Documents: Emails Suggest Assassination Discussions

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      and they have his laptop and Awan’s, remember Hersh disavowed this recording but he does that for everything off-record; so it’s not a cabal of shapeshifting Satanists ready to unleash plagues so they can rule the remainder (conspiracists have notoriously shoddy grasp on post-1348 developments), it’s the usual backstabbing that develops when you give the worst people total impunity: he was bycatch

      what really gets me is that most all liberals sincerely believe that after 1. Assange announced an upcoming drop of Clinton emails (not the Chappaqua ones, note) and 2. Clinton and DWS shrieked that they were stolen and edited by Russians, 3. the SVR blows its whole operation by creating a fake Russian hacker persona, releasing 8 emails resaved in a Cyrillic word processor with the username Feliks Dzerzhinsky, and then vanishing forever

      party politics really does give you babybrains

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      Second thought – I honestly think there is a contingent of Democrats who really feel Rich deserved what happened to him, if he released those emails.  I personally think he did, and paid dearly for it.  JMO, etc.

      America is not a country, it's just a business. (Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly)

      Everything I post is just my opinion, and, honestly, I would love to be wrong.

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