Huge travel ban in Ukraine

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      ✍️📄🇺🇦👮🪖❌🏃Who can’t go abroad in Ukraine?

      There was a decree by the decision of the NSDC(National Security and Defense Council) prohibiting a number of civil servants and law enforcement officers from traveling abroad without an official purpose.

      They were banned from leaving:

      ▫️ministers and their deputies,

      ▫️people’s deputies

      ▫️heads of central executive authorities and their deputies,

      ▫️ head of the Office of the President and his deputies, heads of other services created by the President,

      ▫️ heads of the SBU and NBU and their deputies,

      ▫️all members of the National Council on TV, the Central Election Commission and the Accounting Chamber,

      ▫️NSDC Secretary and his deputies,

      ▫️ heads of other state collegial bodies,

      ▫️the Ombudsman and his representatives,

      ▫️ heads of all state administrations and their deputies, presidential envoy to Crimea and his deputies,

      ▫️heads of all other government agencies and their deputies,

      ▫️ heads of all local authorities,

      ▫️judges of the Constitutional Court and other judges,


      ▫️heads of structural divisions of state agencies and everyone who has a reservation from mobilization.

      ▫️In addition, the SBU has been instructed to check the legality of decisions of all authorities on the departure of citizens abroad.

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        Very unconfirmed reports stating that the deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Kyrylo Timoshenko, fled to Israel, taking with him more than 600 million dollars.

        Take this with caution but could also be why Zelensky signed this restrictions on travel.

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        Sure looks like what is happening.

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      I guess everyone is thinking about their graft.


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      I’m listening to the Duran now (recommended), and Alexander Mercouris thinks that may be the case. Also, CIA chief Burns and Boris Johnson have visited Kiev in the past week.

      Alexander also suggests that the tanks may be for Poland to take the West of Poland, realizing that the East is a lost cause.

      This year is going to be interesting, hopefully not the end of the world.

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