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  • N2Doc (5717 posts)
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    Huge Water Reserves Found All Over Mars

    At sites across the midsection of Mars, scientists have found layers of water ice buried mere feet beneath the red planet’s surface. The discovery adds crucial detail to Mars’s geologic history, and it may shape how future humans on Mars get their water.

    “This is a new window into ground ice on Mars,” says Colin Dundas, the U.S. Geological Survey geologist who co-discovered the ice layers.

    Scientists have long theorized that reserves of water ice are locked underground on Mars. In 2002, the NASA Odyssey mission scanned the planet from orbit and detected signs of shallow ground ice at high latitudes. In 2008, the NASA Phoenix mission dug up water ice at its landing site near the Martian north pole.




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  • bemildred (6849 posts)
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    1. Hmm, might be warmer underground too …

    It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
    • Satan (3500 posts)
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      2. Depends on how far underground you wanna go

      …or at least that’s been my experience. Hell might need to expand one day, so maybe I should look into Mars myself?

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      • bemildred (6849 posts)
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        5. It's pretty cold. Should work great for you. Lots of room still.

        Use the cold to give them a changeup once in a while. Ha ha. Don’t want them getting used to it. Great talking to you too.

        It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
  • Half Century Man (1332 posts)
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    3. Countdown on a rocket from Nestle Corporation 10, 9, 8, 7…….

    How about this; we, as a species, collectively agree to keep our shortsighted greed and abuse of every environment we come across at home. That we beyond our birth home and into the universe as proud explorers not a malignant virus.

  • WillyT (11210 posts)
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    4. And Possibly The Moon As Well:

    Moon caves at lunar north pole might lead astronauts right to water – IBT/RawStory


    Link: http://www.rawstory.com/2018/01/moon-caves-at-lunar-north-pole-might-lead-astronauts-right-to-water/