Humanist Report: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Politico's Article About Her "Pivot."

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    This is damning. AOC just dismissed legitimate concerns about her recent behavior by many members of the progressive movement which had enthusiastically supported her. She also clearly did not understand that Noam Chomsky was not praising Nancy Pelosi when he referred to her as “my political mama bear” in Manufacturing Consent.

    Hmmm…someone should ask Chomsky about that, hint hint Figueroda.

    The Politico article was decent journalism. It is a fact that AOC only endorsed two Justice Democrat candidates, and both of them were also backed by Vichy Dem ID politics front groups like Emily’s List. It is a fact that people on the Sanders campaign did say that AOC refused to campaign for Bernie after a few appearances, and that in fact happened.

    It is a fact that AOC didn’t do what a true progressive IMO should do, and that is to openly acknowledge that Nancy Pelosi is one of our many enemies and endorse Shahid Buttar. No, Bernie hasn’t done that, either, and I think it’s a mistake. I think it’s a mistake because the Vichy Dems only respect strength, and only make concessions when they are forced to do do.

    Mike Figueroda provides, IMO, an excellent take. If anything, I think he’s being too kind. I don’t like seeing people here on JPR whom I respect casually dismissed like AOC just did:

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