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Home Topics in Depth Science And Environment Humpback whales are organizing in huge numbers, and no one knows why

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    Humpback whales are organizing in huge numbers, and no one knows why

     The world is ending and only the whales know. At least, that’s one explanation. Humpback whales are normally pretty solitary—scientists used to call groups of 10 to 20 “large.” Now they’re congregating in groups of 20 to 200 off the coast of South Africa. Something is definitely going on here, but so far experts are stumped.

    In fact, Humpback whales aren’t supposed to be hanging out in that region in the first place. Humpbacks migrate up to tropical waters to breed, but they typically feed down south in the icy waters of Antarctica this time of year. Yet scientific expeditions keep seeing these super-pods (not to be confused with super PACs, which are equally giant but much more dangerous), which were finally compiled and published at the beginning of March in the journal PLOSone. The researchers have a few ideas about why the humpbacks are organizing, but no clear answers yet. So far the consensus seems to be: this is pretty freakin’ weird.


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    1. Shared. Great story at the link

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    2. They're forming a progressive political party.

    We should do the same.

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      7. Animals can feel change. The poles are going to

      flip in three days some are saying. Earth is changing its energy and they know. You gather when things get weird and they are incredibly aware and smart.

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    3. The only thing that comes to mind is, "Thanks for the fish"

    and eminent domaine for some bloody freeway interchange. ;-)

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    4. Pretty cool, not sure it's that rare

    I was once (about 10 years ago) on a whale-watching boat off the coast of Maui, and we ended up in the middle of a massive group of humpbacks, easily over 100 of them. They were jumping out of the water all over the place, I’d never seen anything like it, I mean I’d seen plenty of whales before and had seen them breach and jump, but this was a seemingly endless group of them and very active.

    Amazing animals, whether one or a thousand, anytime seeing a whale is special.

  • oldandhappy (3225 posts)
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    5. I have a lot of respect for animal intelligence.

    I do not know why the whales are convening — but hear it for the whales.  whoop whoop

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    The U.S. is one of the least unionized among industrialized countries:  ORGANIZE!

    U.S. last in unionization among developed countries



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    8. They're planning to attack us, and I wouldn't blame them one bit /eom

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    9. Schumman Resonance is increasing.


    snip><  Of particular interest are the present ‘reversed poles’ in deep regions of the Earth under Southern Africa – the region is referred to as the ‘African Large Low Shear Velocity Province‘. The HeartMath readings of Schumann Resonate Frequencies in this region are off the scale… but that I feel is worth of a whole new article !   more at sit link

    Adding this form NASA:


    Draft Bernie for a people's party
  • Two way street (1973 posts)
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    Draft Bernie for a people's party