Hurricane Dorian's Nightmarishly Slow Pace Is Linked to Climate Change

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      According to some estimates, Dorian may be the slowest-moving Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean in history.

      Dorian’s slow crawl is similar to other major hurricanes in recent years, and seems to be an increasingly common trend for these devastating storms. Scientists worry climate change is playing a role, allowing hurricanes to become more destructive as they slow down due to warming temperatures. When they stall, hurricanes are able to do far more damage than when they move quickly.

      As of Wednesday morning, Dorian was moving towards the Southeastern United States after decimating several Bahamian islands. Forecasts indicate that Florida and Georgia could largely be spared the worst of the storm, even as images of mass-destruction in the Bahamas begin to emerge.

      The storm has weakened from a Category 5 to a Category 2, lowering its deadly windspeed but expanding in size, thereby widening the area in its path.

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      But according to the “white wing” and idiots like Tony Perkins, it was god that made the storm to destroy all the sinners.

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      still approaching alabama? “two minutes, at the most” with stormy was enough to make the stable genius think he’s a meteorologist.

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