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  • Mom Cat (14516 posts)
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    I am having trouble replying to a post by Ida a Briggs.

    It does not indicate that it is locked. What’s up?

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  • 8 months ago #4
    • Haikugal (6088 posts)
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      1. It may be that it's too big…

      I can’t deal with really long post (big posts) on the iPad because they either won’t load or take so long it’s ridiculous.

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      • immoderate (271 posts)
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        2. That's not it. There's no "reply" button.


        • Haikugal (6088 posts)
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          3. Link? Thx

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        • Mom Cat (14516 posts)
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          15. That was my problem too. I was logged in. I could respond to other threads.

          There was just no ” reply button”.

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      • Mom Cat (14516 posts)
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        16. I had no problem loading it.

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        • Haikugal (6088 posts)
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          18. You didn't provide a link and I thought it was a different one.

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    • Bearian (392 posts)
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      4. Locked

      • Mom Cat (14516 posts)
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        14. It still shows no indication that it is locked.

        No reply button available?

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        • Bearian (392 posts)
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          19. If you go to lastest and find it you'll see its is shaded, which means locked

          or under review. It would be nice if the mods posted it in the replies.

          • Mom Cat (14516 posts)
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            22. OK. I see that it is shaded. I wish the admins had put a note in the thread

            itself. Maybe they will.

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    • NV Wino (5126 posts)
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      5. Make sure you're logged in

      Sometimes I get logged out for some unknown reason and have to log back in.

      Also, if the post is greyed out, it’s locked, which may be the case here.

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      • Mom Cat (14516 posts)
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        13. That was one of the first things I checked. I was, and had no problems

        with other threads.

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    • tularetom (2158 posts)
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      6. I'm pretty sure its been locked so I'll respond to it here

      I did not vote for Trump.

      But I would have if I thought he was serious about “locking her up”.


      I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
    • zoolook67 (627 posts)
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      7. I have the same question, Mom Cat

      Personally didn’t see anything wrong with the OP and

      I think there are some good comments but maybe someone didn’t

      want to see the election “quarrels”  restarted. Just guessing.

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    • bbgrunt (276 posts)
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      10. I am getting very concerned about threads that suddenly

      become locked with no indication of why or even indication that they are locked.   This seems to happen too frequently here.

      • Cassiopeia (2549 posts)
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        11. I've noticed that as well.

        It’s one of the reasons I left that other site.

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      • Koko (4175 posts)
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        26. Agree, it's very concerning.

        and topics now to be put in “Extreme Controversy” Dungeon.

    • Abakan (2843 posts)
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      12. There will be no reply button if it is locked

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    • NJOCK (589 posts)
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      17. For the first time since I have been here I am worried about this site

      The battle with the trolls is ongoing but this Ida thread is not offensive enough to lock. Both Hillary and Trump were beyond horrific choices.

      The silence on why it was locked is deafening.….And there is something that does not smell right with another topic.

      These “white hats” in Syria discussions are getting threads locked and people are starting to get banned. And the real truth may be getting hidden at this site that was supposed to be all about open discussion.

      “The first revolution is when you change your mind about how you look at things, and see there might be another way to look at it that you have not been shown. What you see later on is the results of that, but that revolution, that change that takes place will not be televised.” -Gil Scott-Heron
      • Mom Cat (14516 posts)
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        20. I have some concerns too. I hope we get some clarification from the admins


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      • polly7 (2614 posts)
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        21. The bannings, and disappearing and locking threads that

        discuss the ‘White Hats’ has been happening for a while.  The people of Syria have been enduring pure hell.  Just as are the people of Iraq, Libya and so many other places, where we all know propaganda played a huge part in destroying in horrible ways the lives of millions.  Why is Syria off limits??  It’s a mystery to me.


        I see there’s a whole new group just created for Syrian ‘extreme controversy’ and another for anyone who doesn’t believe Russia is the demon of the world.  Interesting!






        • Pam (1301 posts)
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          25. delete

      • malokvale77 (973 posts)
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        23. I see lots of tells. nt

      • senz (5386 posts)
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        24. Hmm. Russia, Syria, and Trump's unacceptability …

        Foreign wars and trade agreements giving hegemonic control to corporations were the deal breakers for The Powers that Be, AKA the oligarchy, AKA the Deep State, when it came to the recent U.S. election.  They are the reason TPTB used the corporate media (which idiots call “the free press”) to defeat Bernie and all but destroy Trump.

        They are the reason that unless he relents on wars and trade deals, Trump will be replaced by someone who will.

        Why these two issues?  I think the only logical answer is that the primary goal of TPTB at this time is global corporate dominance.

        Either we cooperate with them,  or we don’t.