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  • EmmaG (903 posts)
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    I am proud to be one of the 300+

    green party members in my particular county in Texas (yes, urban area).  That is 300+ straight Green Party in this election.  There were 800+ for Stein/Baraka in the county total (.66% of the vote for the county).  The libertarians did a little better as would be expected in Ron Paul’s old stomping grounds.

    When I left this website for a break a few months ago I didn’t know exactly what I would do, but I did know that I wouldn’t vote for HRC.  People focus on different things in an election.  Some will focus on survival, some economics overall, some particular social issues – the list goes on.  Ultimately I decided that I needed to go on issues alone (and focused largely on the future my children will have), and let the Trump train support their candidate.  I felt pretty sure he would win because I grew up in a rural area in the midwest where jobs are now scarce (and those folks were very quiet – they weren’t saying anything so I was pretty sure they were going with the unpopular candidate when push came to shove).

    So, here we are.  I spend more time on Twitter now but I’ll drop in here I’m sure.   We have a lot of work ahead of us to carry on the dissent in a country where we also need healing.

    Peace, EmmaG

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    #DemExit #StillSanders #JusticeDems #GoGreen

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