I commit a tu quoque fallacy.

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      Here is an opinion piece complaining that Ilhan Omar plays the Islamaphobia card when she gets criticized for criticizing Israel. When her political adversaries accuse her of anti-semitism, she accuses them of Islamaphobia. Yeah, I’m tired of Omar’s predictable schtick, but I’m equally tired of the Zionist schtick. It’s so predictable, so boring, and it’s become almost a madatory, pro-forma exercise. American Jews and American Muslims don’t get along too well, but they should drop the fake outrage and stick to the issues. So my reply to the author is, “Oh, yeah? You’re doing it, too!”

      Ilhan Omar’s Tired ‘Islamophobia’ Act (msn.com)

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      People who think that the Taliban and Hamas are more damaging to human society than the US and Israel, are using a metric other than a calculation of the number of victims, an assessment of property damage, and a determination of regional and global instability caused by each. I don’t know what that might be, but it is doubtless every bit as idiotic as anything Ilhan Omar has ever said.

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