I don’t know how this guy has managed to avoid the ban-hammer

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      Flying Squirrel
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      “over there”, but check this out:

      Maybe it’s because he’s too stupid to know that SV wasn’t hacked and that the reason it now sucks is because anyone with any sense departed or was forced out, not because of any hack.  (It’s all hacks with these guys isn’t it? DNC server was “hacked”, the election was “hacked”, SV was “hacked.”)

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      It was good in the war-criminal-president days.  As soon as the Dem president started droning civilians, not closing Gitmo, giving billions to wall street, pushing for the TPP, and many other right wing things it started unraveling.  Party over policy became the mantra.  Glad for the places I still have.

      PowerToThePeople!  Bernie or Bust 2020!

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      The election hack did help kill that site. Its members insisted that Russia changed the votes and stole the election, and they mercilessly purged the site of anyone who disagreed. Maybe that’s what the poster meant.

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