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      Snort McDork
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      I Have Something to Say: Is That a Problem?

      By Garrison Keillor, Garrison Keillor’s Website

      19 June 21


      t’s a strange world we live in when a Pekingese wins Top Dog honors at the Westminster Dog Show, a furball beating out a whippet and a sheepdog. I read the story twice and it said nothing about the criteria except “showmanship,” which is pretty far-fetched when referring to a lapdog, a dog designed to be a pillow. A whippet is a racer, a sheepdog herds livestock, and a Pekingese simply grows billows of hair that might be, who knows, made into wigs.

      But this is the world we live in. Evidently the dog showed a lot of attitude and this impressed the judges, despite the animal’s lack of useful skills. Huskies pull the sled that brings the vaccine to the Arctic village, St. Bernards carry cannisters of warm liquids to fallen mountain climbers and assist them to safety. German shepherds guard the perimeter of the airbase and rip the throats of enemy spies attempting to steal nuclear secrets. Golden retrievers locate lost children. Border collies can be trained to carry crucial messages through a snowstorm to a distant outpost. Doberman pinschers are useful in a pinsch. A Pekingese is simply a furry stuffed dog who happens to poop.

      If attitude is now the all-important quality, then Donald J. Trump will win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He knows more about chemistry than all chemists put together. Ask him, he’ll tell you. About one-fourth of the country imagines he won the 2020 dog show over the Irish wolfhound who is in the White House and doing the work.


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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      since the 1980’s. The emergence of MTV, and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, a 2nd rate actor as president etc were turning points for society where Wall Street greed, conspicuous consumption and readily manufactured/disposable chic became desirable attributes.

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      They might be small, but they’re mean little shits, so I can believe it.

      There was even a legend back in ancient China that they were originally lions, but were shrunk by Buddha himself. This of course is crazy, because lions are big cats, not big dogs, of course. But there is a slight resemblance, at least when the dogs are in their natural state….

      Now of course the Pekes who compete in the dog shows look NOTHING like that. They look more like a Tribble from Star Trek!!

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        I hadn’t heard that about Pekingese but I don’t know much about dog breeds. My experience is that the smallest ones tend to be the most aggressive. I do notice the resemblance to what I call Haechi the ornamental stone monsters that kind of resemble lions around some palaces and temples in Korea

        It’s probably a variation on the Chinese xiezhi. They are also called haetae in Korean.  “Haechi” or “Haetae” is an imaginary animal, able to discern the innocent from the guilty.


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        Small dogs do a pretty good job of protecting a home simply by yapping at everything that moves a little differently! We have a little one and she is in trouble a lot for waking everyone up. Usually she is correct someone is at the door!!


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      Snort McDork
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      Very impressive.

      BTW, When I was in China, I was under impression that Huskies were a favored breed because they can withstand the harsh, and I do mean harsh Winters. I saw several. And a few German Shepard’s.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

      "I like Birdy Num-Nums"

      If you come for Nina Turner, Your ish better be airtight like Tupperware" -Rashida Talib

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      work, competently. Or at least his handlers are.  Hey, maybe the White House IS like a dog show!

      Keillor can, and does, say anything he wants to – but a dog show, sweetie, is not about perceived usefulness, just whether a particular dog represents the best of its breed.  So, his “something to say” is not a problem, just a flawed and pointless (IMO)  exercise in TDS.   Unless the Dems are afraid that Trump will run in 2024, and the campaign crap is already starting.  Sigh.  Campaign crap is, IMO, just pandering and deflection from what is actually happening.

      Also Pekingese are good watchdogs.  Keillor says he wrote an essay on Moby Dick from CliffsNotes, “six pages of fake critical intelligence”  (oh, that sorta strikes a chord here);  perhaps there are CliffsNotes about dog breeds.

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      Even when a “useful” breed wins, the individual winning dog’s main skill is impressing judges in a show ring – not running, herding, or following a scent.

      It’s a beauty contest – why would you expect anything else?

      As for the presidency: who was the last short, bald man to win that election?

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      Joe isn’t a canine,he’s a crocodile,all smile and teeth,but predatory.

      And Trump isn’t a Peke,he’s a Yorkie constantly yipping,orange-furred..a spoiled lapdog.

      This just another treatise from another well off baby boomer trying to rationalize his sellout against the populism he once held dear.

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      Working breeds shows!

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